Latest stable version changes:

Secure webinterface with SSL/HTTPS - How to create a keystore file?:
We created a very easy to use script and tutorial which can be found HERE.

TS3MusicBot version (23.07.2024):

Fix [TS3 Client] Fixed a "downgraded client" start error in bot not portable mode and in case where the official target server is very outdated or an inofficial "TeaSpeak" server. Portable mode had no issue.
Fix [TS3 Client] Fixed avatar path was not correctly set in case if a "downgraded teamspeak client" has to be used to connect to a very outdated official TeamSpeak server or to an inofficial "TeaSpeak" server.
New [TS3 Client] Added new bot startup argument "-old-client" which forces the bot to use a older teamspeak client version 3.1.9 instead of the newest one. The bot automatically downgrades if needed (very old official Teamspeak server or inofficial "TeaSpeak" server) after first client start, this argument directly uses the downgraded client instead of falling back after a first connection failure with a new client version.

TS3MusicBot version + (21.07.2024):

Fix [Youtube] Now unblocking youtube error "Sign in to confirm you’re not a bot". This error appears if youtube blocks specific ip ranges. In those cases indirect playback with unblocking mechanics will now be tried.
Enhanced [Youtube] If a host system is getting blocked by youtube or an unblock failed, we now log the causing error.
Enhanced [Youtube] Moved some youtube unblock logging which was only active in debug modes to normal running mode.

TS3MusicBot version (23.05.2024):

Fix [Webinterface] Fixed broken music and radio files METADATA extraction in portable bot environment (music and radio files just showed an "Error" tag). Note: You can reset the metadata DB by navigating to Menu -> Update -> Resets: -> Music/Radio files metadata db: -> and click the Delete button there. This will trigger a metadata DB reset and rescans all music and radio files.

TS3MusicBot version (07.05.2024):

Fix [Youtube] Fixed Youtube Error: All player responses are invalid. Your IP is likely being blocked by Youtube.

TS3MusicBot version (29.04.2024):

Fix [Youtube] Fixed a bug which caused our proxy systems to falsely got marked as banned even if it not the case, once a YouTube Error occurred (like video not available/not available in country, and other cases…).
New [Webinterface] Added checks for wrongly defined webinterface user passwords in cases:
- user password got not defined at all: generate a temporarily runtime password for the user login. And print warning.
- The user password got defined identically as the admin password: generate a temporarily runtime password for the user login. And print warning.

System files version (28.04.2024):

Fix [Youtube] Updated youtube binary for latest out rolling changes.

TS3MusicBot version (25.04.2024):

Fix [Webinterface] Fixed external access / open port check issues.
Fix [Youtube] Fixed an issue in our youtube unblock mechanic which caused the message "no proxies available" for a system which got temporarly ip blocked by youtube.

TS3MusicBot version + System files version (24.04.2024):

Fix [Youtube] Fixed Youtube error: ERROR - All player responses are invalid.
Fix [Youtube] Fixed an issue which prevented the dynamic youtube unblock mechanism to not function as expected.

TS3MusicBot version (11.03.2024):

Fix [Player] Fixed portable broken playall/playallrandom/playfolder/playfolderrandom function in music folder.
Fix [Radio] Fixed radio https stream urls not playing issue.
Fix [Youtube] Fixed not playing youtube/youtube music links with "&si=" existing in url.
Enhanced [Youtube] Added chat notice for yt/yt music playlists „0 videos“ response, that mixed or personalized playlists are not public and not available for the bot.

System files version (09.03.2024):

Fix [Youtube] Fixed Youtube error: ERROR - Precondition check failed.

TS3MusicBot version (08.03.2024) + System files version + Dependency (portable) files version

Enhanced [Youtube] Updated YouTube libraries to latest version.
Enhanced [Youtube] New YouTube libraries require minimum of python 3.8.0, updated the python version check to check for >= 3.8.0 now.
Enhanced [Dependencies] Updated portable environment packages to include python 3.9.2 for portable mode.
Enhanced [WebBrowser] Spotify opened in build-in webbrowser now autostart playback for /track/ and /playlist/ urls on

System files version (14.02.2024):

Fixed [TS Client] Fixed a wrong channel id behavior in the ts plugin which caused a wrong channel id number in cases where the channel id number was too large for "anyID". We now use uint64 instead to fix this issue.

TS3MusicBot version (14.02.2024):

Fixed [System] Fixed a settings save / bot reload / bot restart exception case (found in ServerBridge mode), where the bot got stuck in this exception and did not reload the new settings and got stuck.

TS3MusicBot version (09.01.2024):

Fixed [Chat] Changed method how to prevent link/url previews in ts5 (teamspeak 5) chat to make sure to not break a working link.
Fixed [Playback/Chat] Fixed "now playing" message cut off in discord, which had missing link and duration.
Fixed [Webinterface/Radio] Fixed an issue where meta data checks for radio files eg. ".pls" got marked as "offline".
Fixed [Teamspeak/Query] Bot query localhost connection tries where the bot and teamspeak server run on the same ip/server now fallback to try to connect over the public ip if it fails with localhost (because it can fail on docker, pterodactyl, and other container systems) if the ts server runs in a container too.
New [Discord] Show invite link in „failed to connect“ message popup in webinterface and also in console and log.

TS3MusicBot version (17.12.2023):

Fixed [Youtube] Added a new youtube ip block scenario to our proxy methods to keep it working in this specific case.

Dependency files version (18.11.2023):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed a missing module error in portable environment which caused youtube not to work.

TS3MusicBot version + System files version (13.11.2023):

Fixed [Youtube] Added check for YouTube 403 source response errors. In this case the request gets proxied.
Fixed [ServerBridge] Now allowing ts3 client to accept incoming whispers which get now send over a serverbridge too.
Fixed [Chat] If a custom command prefix is set, all incomming commands with "!" prefix will now get ignored and not processed.
New [Youtube] New start command parameter "-yt-bind-ip" added, to only bind the YouTube process to a different network interface ip.
Enhanced [Youtube] Updated Youtube binaries and scripts.

TS3MusicBot version (12.10.2023):

New [SoundStream] Added support for the new SoundStream tool version to be able to stream directly to the bots webinterface port without the need of the soundstream port anymore. With SoundStream 1.0.5 the soundstream port will nomore beeing used.

TS3MusicBot version (01.10.2023):

New [Chat] Set a custom command prefix (default is !) in Settings -> TS3MusicBot Settings -> Command prefix. Eg. to change !yt to #yt
Enhanced [Internal] Updated codes for an upcoming project site server change.
Fixed [Chat] Now preventing sending "Ready for playing" client startup message on discord client reconnects to prevent spamy chat messages if discords voice server endpoints change.

System files version (18.08.2023):

Enhanced [Discord] Changed client connection lost to voice server handling. Voice connections now reconnect directly. If this fails and the client voice server is gone for more than 10 seconds, the client gets restarted.

TS3MusicBot version (17.08.2023):

Fixed [Player] Fixed a bug where sometimes the nowplaying info got resetted after a playback started, which resulted in no visible cover and playing data in the web player (player was blank/visually not playing).
Fixed [Chat] Fixed wrong printed !history output if the output got larger than 1024 chars. It counted from 20 to 1 instead of 1 to 20 in the output.

TS3MusicBot version + System files version + Webinterface version (17.08.2023):

New [Webinterface/Chat] Added time and date log to history played + showing on the webinterface history site and on the !history chat output.
New [Discord] New command "!stage [TOPIC]" added. With this command you can set the topic of the current bots stage channel in discord.
New [Discord] Added new setting "Stage channel topic" in discord server settings, to set a predefined stage channel topic which should stay active.
New [Discord] Added functionality for creating and editing stages in preexisting stage channels.
New [Webinterface] Buttons now have a visual more responsive feedback on click.
New [Chat] !queue now shows title + duration + link, not only link.
New [Chat] Added played time and date info to !history chat output.
New [Webinterface] Now displaying the bots current channel in channel-switcher web interface site.
New [Webinterface] On playlists playback, now showing current_position/playlist_size on the webinterface main menu instead of only playlist_size.
Fixed [Youtube] Fixed a bug where a just started playing song from a YouTube playlist could get skipped. Now the „auto next“ feature does nothing while a single song in a YouTube playlist is still in loading state.
Fixed [Player] Fixed possibility of showing player crashed error message while player got purposely restarted for switching playback modes. Performing those actions multiple times will result in 1 action, all others get ignored until the next playback finished loading.
Fixed [Youtube] Spamming next, prev or ytgoto commands will now do nothing while a playback is already loading. This prevents player freezes.
Fixed [Logging] Debug player enabled in Logs -> no more "ANS_" lines get logged, because they spammed too much + Removed spamy player debug console outputs.
Fixed [Logging] Now added more verbose output to YouTube playback which gets logged if debug player is enabled. (To help debugging player freezes).
Fixed [Youtube] Added socket timeout of 3 sec to YouTube playback command. Rarly a youtube connection sucket can stuck, which will be hopefully solved with this.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed „NaN:NaN:NaN“ durations in history for live entries.
Fixed [Youtube] Fixed ERROR: unable to write data: [Errno 32] Broken pipe error, (youTube videos just played a few seconds in this case).
Enhanced [Player] Added better code for player checks if playback is ended, the web interface player should not show any more loading animations.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Increased history played log from 20 to 50.

System files version (14.08.2023):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed bot was not hearable once connected to a stage channel.
Enhanced [Discord] Updated all codes and our custom discord bot client binaries to latest discord bot api.
Enhanced [Discord] Implemented more debug/verbose output to our custom discord client. This will get enabled in the next main code (TS3MusicBot.jar) update. Then "enable client debug" or -debug-exec-client will enable the debug output of the custom discord client to console and client log.

System files version (12.08.2023):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed an cookie issue with recent cookie handling changes. Including fix for "unable to extract initial player response" which needed retries to fetch data from youtube.

System files version - + Dependency files version (11.08.2023):

Enhanced [Youtube] Updated all youtube codes and APIs for the latest youtube changes.
Enhanced [Dependencies/Portable] Updated and build new debendencies for the recent changes.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed not showing 50 youtube search results per request in mediabrowser, caused by recent youtube changes.
Fixed [Youtube] Now preventing youtube shorts resulting in search queries which could mess up the results.

TS3MusicBot version (17.07.2023):

Fixed [UpdateManager] Fixed not downloading dependencies update package on systems with new Kernel 6. Added support for linux kernel 6 with this update.

TS3MusicBot version (06.06.2023):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed not correctly working !addyt 1-5 command to add youtube search results to the playback queue. It played the selected entry instantly instead of adding it to the queue.

TS3MusicBot version (26.05.2023):

Fixed [Player] Fixed not working playback of radio station direct links (direct links to .m3u, .pls, .asx and others).

System files version - (18.04.2023):

Fixed [WebBrowser] Fixed not working title detection.
Enhanced [WebBrowser] Updated browser driver.
Fixed [WebBrowser] Fixed not working Spotify title extraction.

TS3MusicBot version (18.04.2023):

Fixed [WebBrowser] Webbrowser DRM module requires a new package which has to get installed, added to package check to get notified if its missing on the system.
Fixed [WebBrowser] Fixed a issue with the portable environment where the WebBrowser wrapper process failed to start.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed a css issue where on smaller screens a scroll bar appeared on the Webinterface -> MediaBrowser -> WebBrowser screen.
Fixed [Webinterface] Process info indicators (red/green dots on the top right) stopped refreshing automatically since a previous change, which now is fixed again.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed not showing WebBrowser status notifications.
Enhanced [WebBrowser] WebBrowser status indicators are now smaller and vertically aligned on the bottom left instead of beeing displayed horizontal.

TS3MusicBot version (16.04.2023):

Fixed [TS Client] Fixed not correctly working instant apply channel commander toggle from settings.
Fixed [Avatar] Fixed dynamic avatar did not show the last played history entry if playback got stopped or ended, only if the next song started.

TS3MusicBot version + System files version + Webinterface version (15.04.2023):

New [Client TS+DC] Added new Setting for "Sticky Channel" to TS/DC Server Settings. If sticky channel is enabled, the client will always switch back to its configured join channel, if the client gets moved outside.
New [Webinterface + Discord] Added new setting in "Discord Server Settings" to allow using chat commands without the need of beeing in the same voice channel as the bot. This feature is by default enabled and now can get disabled in settings.
New [System] Added check if the bot runs on ARM, if so not portable mode gets automatically set. Additionally now checking for box86/box64 which is required on ARM to run the ts client. In combination with notportable mode + installing all missing packages the bot shows + installed box64/box86, TS3MusicBot runs on ARM with TS client. Discord Bot, ServerBridge and ServerBridgeHub does run ARM too without the need of Box86/Box64.
Fixed [Avatar] Dynamic Avatar shows YouTube links „watch?v=xxxxxx“ as history instead of titles.
Fixed [Webinterface] Remove client config removed an nomore used and non existing update package. It now does the same as Remove client config + identity because the identity is stored inside the settings.db file of the client.
Fixed [Webinterface] Channel chat in webinterface showed commands which should not be shown.
Fixed [TS Query] Added check on settings reload to reenable query mode. Once query was enabled and serverbridge got enabled and turned off again, query mode stayed disabled, which was a bug.
Fixed [Webinterface + ServerBridge] On the webinterface ServerBridge overview page "No other ServerBridge connected." was shown additionally to the connected ServerBridges, in case if a username had a # symbol in the client name, which caused this visual bug.
Fixed [Webinterface] MediaBrowser did not show youtube channel names in recommended and search results for videos, live and playlists anymore.
Enhanced [TS Client] If Channelcommander gets saved in settings, instantly apply it to client. Not only on restart client.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Custom css/js editor modal should minimize if clicked on the darken area outside of the modal.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Custom css/js editor modal should minimize/maximase if clicked on the modal title.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Webinterface -> Settings -> Avatar -> auto refresh the "current avatar" every 5 seconds to show live changes.

System files version (21.03.2023):

Fixed [Discord] Prevent voice channel reconnect on session reconnect.

System files version (21.03.2023):

Fixed [Discord] Updated discord library to fix connection issues with latest changes on discords api endpoint.

System files version (11.03.2023):

Fixed [Discord] Discord client now checks if its already speaker in stage channel and only tries to set itself speaker if it was not set before. This fixes the stage activity log spam.

System files version (02.03.2023):

Fixed [Youtube] Updated youtube binaries to fix broken youtube functionality caused by recent changes.

System files version + Dependency files version (17.02.2023):

Fixed [Youtube] Updated youtube binaries and fixed error "Unable to extract uploader id".

TS3MusicBot version (09.02.2023):

Fixed [System] Fixed an issue, if webinterface was SSL secured with an keystore and bot was running in serverbridge mode, the bot could not connect to a target bot running with https too. In this case handshake errors appeared.

TS3MusicBot version (06.02.2023):

Fixed [Music] Cover extraction from converted mp3 to wav files could cause a out of memory issue.
Enhanced [Music] Changed and reworked metadata extraction library, to not only support mp3 files, mp4, m4a and other files where its possible to have an embedded cover image are now supported.

TS3MusicBot version (05.02.2023):

Fixed [Music] Cover extraction from files with no default format for mimetype broke a string split command which stopped now playing message to get send.
Fixed [System] Improved code and fixed issues in cover search function to search for cover images based on title online.
Enhanced [Debug] Debug mode does not print player and client output anymore by default to make the normal debug mode more readable and less spamy. The debug mode for player and client can get enabled additionally, if more output is needed.

TS3MusicBot version (03.02.2023):

New [Music] Extracting cover image from music files (if available) on playback start.
New [Downloader] Downloads from youtube and other sites now embed thumbnails and metadata into the finished file. So cover images can now get extracted from those files too.
New [Music] Upload extracted music file artwork cover to our cover image data server where the covers gets saved temporarily for 7 days to be able to get a public available link to the cover image for teamspeak/discord chat now playing messages without exposing a bot’s web interface address.
New [Music] Implemented support for reading, editing and writing id3 file tags for music files. For now we just reading the cover inside a music file. More implementations will follow.
New [Webinterface] Added new start argument -force-external-address "URL_HERE“. Forces external webinterface address to given URL and skips external address online check. This URL will be used for clickable playback links in Teamspeak chat.
New [Webinterface] Restarting ssl secured webinterface webserver if a change in the ssl keystore file gets detected.
Fixed [Youtube] Fixed error "TS_PARSE: COULDN‘T SYNC" — in this state the bot did not restart a YouTube livestream correctly.
Fixed [Client] Fixed issues in different states where the client should reconnect but didn't.
Fixed [TSQuery] Fixed an issue where query connection did not reconnect if teamspeak server went down or restarted.
Fixed [Youtube] Fixed missing duration in chat based youtube search.
Fixed [Youtube] Fixed an issue which caused a delay in showing chat based youtube search results. Results now print much faster again.
Fixed [Console] Removed console output "DNS operation not supported" which appeared on some systems and was just a debug output. Its still visible for enabled debug mode.
Fixed [Webinterface] Now hiding discord token and client/application id in webinterface from bots running in demo mode (-demo argument, specific for our demo showroom teamspeak and discord server).
Enhanced [TSQuery] Changed query reconnect timer from 65 seconds to 30 seconds, to provide faster reconnects if a teamspeak server went down or restarted.

TS3MusicBot version (27.01.2023):

New [Webinterface] Added support to secure the webinterface with with SSL certificates to acces it over HTTPS.
New [Webinterface] Added new start argument "-secure /path/to/keystore.jks" which is required if the webinterface should run SSL secured.
New [Webinterface] Added new start argument "-secure-pw keystorePassword" which is required if the webinterface should run SSL secured. A keystore is protected with a password which the bot has to know to encrypt it.

Secure webinterface with SSL/HTTPS - How to create a keystore file?:
We created a very easy to use script and tutorial which can be found HERE.

TS3MusicBot version (24.01.2023):

Fixed [Youtube/Chat] Fixed "unknownTitle" for YouTube search results (printed to chat) while using !addyt command.
Fixed [Youtube/Chat] Fixed missing duration for YouTube search results (printed to chat).
Enhanced Internal code cleanup.

TS3MusicBot version (07.01.2023):

Fixed [TeamSpeak] Fixed accidentally broken identity upload from last update.

TS3MusicBot version (04.01.2023):

Fixed [TeamSpeak] Changed client avatar set path from user home dir to client config dir (system/identities/TS3MusicBot_XXXXXX). This fixes a file permission issue for scenarios where the avatar file could not get written into the user home dir.

WebBrowser version 1.0.7 (30.12.2022):

New [WebBrowser] Updated firefox to version 102.6.0esr to fix "browser not starting on latest ubuntu version".

TS3MusicBot version + System files version (17.11.2022):

Fixed [ServerBridge] A server bridge instance will now ignore an incoming other server bridge instance connection as long as the client is not connected. This prevents an additional delay scenario.
Fixed [Discord] Last changes while updating to discords latest api library produced an audio glitch in serverbridge mode which now got fixed.

System files version (16.11.2022):

Enhanced [Discord] Updated discord api libraries to latest version and compiled new client binaries.

System files version (16.11.2022):

Fixed [Discord/ServerBridge] Removed waiting sleeps on voice server reconnects and implemented a "do nothing with bridged audio data" while no more connection to a voice server node is established, which caused an increasing delay while running a ServerBridge and received a permanent stream (eg. a musicbot on the other end of the bridge).

Webinterface version (09.11.2022):

Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed not correctly saving of removed user chat/webinterface permissions.
Fixed [Webinterface] MediaBrowser -> Youtube live video results now displaying the number of concurrent viewers again which broke because of a variable name change on side.

System files version (22.10.2022):

Fixed [Youtube] Updated youtube libraries and fixed an error for some youtube videos which did not play because of an sig match error.

System files version (10.10.2022):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed an issue where text chat and commands did not process in case if default text channel id was not set.

System files version (10.08.2022):

Fixed [Discord] Improved voice channel join error and reconnect handling to fix states where the voice server connection dropped and did not reconnect successfully.

Webinterface version (08.08.2022):

Fixed [Webinterface] Added missing option to set user permission for "!joinme" in settings -> user permissions -> chat permissions.

System files version (15.07.2022):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed chat not passing from discord to bot. Commands worked but chat still got ignored. Works now for chat feature and serverbridge (bridged) chat between servers.
Fixed [Discord] Fixed not showing message for commands send while outside the bots voice channel.

TS3MusicBot version (26.06.2022):

New [Client] Added new start argument "-noclientmemcheck" which disables the client memory check which kills the running client if its memory usage exceeds 400mb.

Webinterface version (10.05.2022):

Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed not working manual "custom avatar upload" form in settings which broke in a previous change/update.

Webinterface version + System files version (02.05.2022):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed a youtube-dl piping issue which appeared in the last version upgrade (reason the last version got reverted and hold until this fix was done).
Fixed [Webinterface] Mediabrowser -> Twitch browser fixed by updating all codes to the latest twitch api.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed missing title/durations/covers on the webinterface current playing playlist view.

Webinterface version + System files version (25.04.2022):

Enhanced [Youtube] Updated to latest youtube-dl version and updated apis, added custom patches to keep all features we use which is missing in youtube-dl.

Webinterface version (26.01.2022):

Fixed Setting for Advanced -> Other -> Date pattern was accidentally an on/off switch instead of a text input field. This caused the welcome message for ts query to not correctly work anymore.
Fixed Fixed a small style css issue which caused the webinterface to cut a part off on the right side if the monitor resolution was too small.
Fixed The redesigned webinterface had a missing js library entry in the html header which existed before the redesign. This caused the build in webbrowser to not receive any typing key signals. The missing library encoded the keystrokes.
Fixed Settings -> Restart (soft-restart) bot button did not work anymore.

TS3MusicBot version (25.12.2021):

Fixed [TS Client] Fixed a client memory load issue which appeared on ts servers which using long/large animated server banners.

TS3MusicBot version (16.12.2021):

Fixed [WebServer] Fixed randomly appearing reloading issues of webinterface ressources.

TS3MusicBot version (04.12.2021):

Fixed [Query] Not correctly working query features settings (advanced settings) "on the fly" save for some features.
New [Query] Added new startup parameter "-connect-over-localhost" which forces the query connection to connect to

Webinterface version (03.12.2021):

Fixed Removed no-cache meta tag froml files, to allow browser caching again.
Fixed Fixed not visible "Remove all log files" button in style.css.

TS3MusicBot version - (02.12.2021) + Webinterface version - (02.12.2021):

Fixed Added a loop break to a webserver exception case which produced cpu load.
Fixed Fixed right side Player showed loading animation while opening a folder.
Fixed Fixed SoundCloud playlist playback which broke since SoundCloud’s oauth access token changes.
Fixed Fixed wrong channelcommander tooltip translation.
Fixed Channel commander, set avatar and some other features stopped working for the ts client after client got restarted/reconnected.
New Restart buttons to settings page to shutdown, restart, reload bot and restart client and player.
New Settings page save settings without restart/reload. Only if needed.
New MediaBrowser with new bootstrap card design and two changeable views.
New MediaBrowser with new preview feature to tune into a song before playing it with the bot. Its also minimizable and running in the background while searching for new songs on the media browser!
New Dark mode and light mode switch. If not changed, it uses the systems set mode.
New Replaced default system scroll bars with native scrollable and styled javascript scrollbars.
New Made the whole interface more scrollable and resizable for smaller resolution monitors.
New Created music file playlists are now editable. Its possible to play single songs inside a custom created playlist or remove single entries from a custom playlist.
New Added SoundCloud Playlists search to MediaBrowser!
New Added search functionality to search for channels in channel switcher.
New Added search functionality to search for channels in channel ids list in settings.
New Added search functionality to search for servergroup ids list in settings.
New DEBUG TS client screenshot now opens in a bootstrap 5 modal (logs -> DEBUG).
New Added title, duration and cover cache for links to have all those informations always available on different places like history, playlist, queue and chat outputs.
New Added play, add queue and download buttons to history entries.
New Shoutcast and Icecast Browser in new Bootstrap 5 modals with dynamic loading.
New Save advanced query settings without client or player restart. Do on the fly settings save and reload new values.
New Direct query name and client name change from settings without any restarts.
New New skin system with custom.css and custom.js.
New Replaced all modals with new bootstrap 5 modals.
New Play link input field (right side) now has a tooltip with possible input values.
New Bootstrap 5 designed file list for music, radio and playlist view.
New Link playback input field (right side) does now search on YouTube and plays the first result if it’s only text and „enter“ or „play link“ got pressed.
New Link playback input field (Right side) can now be submitted with Enter key.
New New bootstrap 5 login page.
New Added bootstrap 5 tooltips.
New Added chat message alerts to the webinterface to also see chat messages which coming from the bot.
New Added bootstrap 5 and redesigned elements from Webinterface.
New Settings and query advanced page with new toggles, bootstrap tables input fields and descriptions instead of tooltips.
New Dynamic visible advanced settings.
New New channel chat implementation which is available on all sites.
New [WebStream] Added link to the free WebStream browser extension which is now also available on the Microsoft Edge extension store.
New Skin editor modal option in skin settings which allows to edit custom.css and custom.js on all sites.
New Instant skin change and skin list refresh. No more restarts.
New [Theme] Added new theme 'TeamSpeak 5' to skin browser.
New [Theme] Added new theme 'Standard Red' to skin browser.
New [Theme] Added new theme 'Standard Green' to skin browser.
New [Theme] Added new theme 'Standard Yellow' to skin browser.
Enhanced [MediaBrowser] Added increased timeouts to ajax search requests.
Enhanced Redesigned and minified link/text/tts playback field on the right side.

We have changed even more small points everywhere, which are just too many to write everything here. If you encounter any bugs, issues or if you have feature requests, feel free to contact us.

We hope you like the new skin system. You can send us your own skin creation via the contact form/create a ticket or post it on our forum. We can add your skin to the build in skin browser to get your creation available for everyone with a single click!

System files version (11.10.2021):

Fixed [Discord] Changed some log.Fatal to log.Error, because log.Fatal does exit the code which is not intended in some cases, which caused unexpected client restarts.

System files version (11.10.2021):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed an error case, in which the audio processing loop/thread broke in case the discord voiceserver connection point closed. This caused player freeze because no audio data got processed. Now it keeps processing the data in this case but does not send it to a discord voiceserver connection as long the connection is not ready for new data.

TS3MusicBot version + System files version (11.10.2021):

Fixed [Downloader] New youtube library has slightly different output syntax which caused the download manager to stop showing its current progress. This update fixes the download progress.

TS3MusicBot dependency files (portable) + System files version (10.10.2021):

Fixed [WebBrowser] Build in webbrowser python 2 scripts (web driver) upgraded to python 3. WebBrowser now works again with recent upgrades to python 3.
Fixed [Portable] Build portable environment dependencies for new web driver for buildin webbrowser with python 3 support.

TS3MusicBot version + webinterface version (10.10.2021):

New [System] Soundcloud api authorization handling is no made by the java code.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed media browser search issues.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed soundcloud search issues in media browser due to recent changes from
Enhanced [Youtube] Improved youtube search functionality to get more accurate results. Eg. before it was possible to get a non-live video in the live video search results. We also improved all the other youtube search calls.

TS3MusicBot version + System files version + Dependency files version (09.10.2021):

For "-notportable" users: Please update/install the package "python3" on your linux system. Since this version python 3.6.0 or newer is needed. The bot now checks if the package "python3" is installed or manually installed "python3" binary exists with version >= 3.6.0.
For portable users: You don't have to do anything. The portable package comes with python3 version 3.7.3 included.

New [Youtube] Changed from youtube-dl to youtube-dlp for breaking changes on side and inactive youtube-dl staff. youtube-dlp comes with all latest fixes which caused player freezes and unable to play some videos, slow downloads and other fixes.
New [Python] Reworked code to now build on top of python 3 (which is needed for youtube-dlp). You need at least version 3.6.0 or newer now. Portable versions have python 3.7.3 included. Not-portable bots (running with -notportable argument) now checking if "python3" package is installed and if the installed python version is >= 3.6.0.
Enhanced [Portable] Updated all packages to their recent version inside the portable environment package.
Fixed [Youtube] All those changes now should fix causes which produced "player freeze" issues and stabilize youtube playback.

System files version (29.09.2021):

Enhanced [Discord] Enabled voice connection checks again. If the bot is nomore connected to a voice server endpoint (but still sits visually in a voice channel) but the data endpoint broke, its now performing a reconnect.

TS3MusicBot version + (17.09.2021):

New [Commands] Added new command !stream as a synonym for !url / !link / !youtube / !yt / !play.
New [Discord] Added ARM support discord mode. So the bot will now run on ARM based system like Raspberry Pis. The bot will always run in not-portable mode. So make sure to install all missing packages the bot reports.
New [Youtube] Added new chat command "!ytp TEXT" / "!ytplay TEXT" / "!youtubeplay TEXT" which search for the first video result on youtube for TEXT and directly plays it.
Fixed [Radio Streams] Radio audio data stream url direct playback support did not work, which now got fixed. You can now play radio station data stream urls directly with the Webinterface play link field (on the right side) and with chat commands eg: !url / !play / !link / !stream / !yt / !youtube http(s)://radiostreamurl
Fixed [Playback] Fixed a bug for !next/!previous/!prev/!ytgoto NUMBER and Webinterface player previous and next buttons… where it could happen to skip 2 songs instead of 1. The idle/song end detection got triggered sometimes and performed a skip additional to the manual skip command. Now the automatic skip pauses for about 10 seconds after a manual skip was performed to prevent double skips.
Fixed [Playback] Fixed a youTube playback player freeze problem (which appeared mainly on discord mode).
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed an issue where the player freeze icon get displayed until a new playback started, even if the player got already restarted. In this case the freeze icon and counter should get a reset.
Fixed [Playback] Fixed a youtube playback (player freeze) issue which got caused by a "broken pipe" error. Its now more unlikely to run into this issue.
Fixed [Chat] Fixed stopped sending now playing info to chat in discord mode after playlist played 4-5 songs.
Enhanced Optimized discords now playing status reset while nothing plays. We can‘t send too many status updates to discords api. So if a song in a playlists ends, we do not send a „now playing reset“ to status anymore. One song info comes after another in a playlist. Only after 30 seconds of idle after a playback, we send the status reset to discord and the old now playing status gets removed.

System files version (01.09.2021):

Enhanced [Youtube] Updated youtube library and codes.

TS3MusicBot version (23.07.2021):

Fixed [TS Query] Fixed not working welcome sound if no welcome message was defined. The welcome sound did only work previously if a welcome text message was set which was a bug. Welcome sound should work as a single enabled option.

TS3MusicBot version (22.07.2021):

New [Webinterface Debugging] Added debug buttons to enable and disable various debug scenarios to Webinterface -> Logs.
New [Webinterface Debugging] Added functionality to show and refresh a teamspeak client screenshot for debugging purposes to Webinterface -> Logs.
Fixed [Webinterface] Logs page width too high if log line is very long.
Webinterface -> Logs -> Debug options

Webinterface -> Logs -> TS client screenshot

TS3MusicBot version (21.07.2021):

Fixed [Chat] Preventing preview for links (ts5 + discord) did not work in query mode on ts.
Fixed [Webinterface] No meta data for filenames/folders with single quote.
Fixed [TSClient] Fixed automatic identity lvl increase function. Log check for force to leave shutdown the client while it was generating a higher identity. This case is now fixed.
New [Webinterface - TSClient] Feature to create and show a ts client screenshot for issues debugging (requires imagemagick package installed) (webinterface buttons and screenshot display will come with the followup webinterface update).
New [Webinterface Debugging] Added webinterface API calls for enabling and disabling various debug modes from the webinterface (webinterface buttons to toggle will come with the followup webinterface update).

System files version (14.07.2021):

Fixed [WebBrowser] Update title parser regex for build in webbrowser to detect song titles on supported sites.

TS3MusicBot version (02.07.2021):

Fixed [Webinterface] Added exception handling to the sendBody method. If the outputStream is closed by the client, all the loop gets broken pipe exception. Just closing the input stream if exception is caught.

TS3MusicBot version (02.07.2021):

Fixed [TSQuery] Fixed an issue with sending messages which caused a spam from the client for messages which should only be send by the query.

TS3MusicBot version (02.07.2021):

Fixed [TSQuery] Unable to set previously used query nickname loop.

TS3MusicBot version (02.07.2021):

Fixed [TSQuery] Fixed a query connection blocking case on save settings in query mode where the query did not disconnect.
Fixed [TSClient] Changed force kill wait time for client process on restarts/shutdowns from 1 second to 2 seconds.

TS3MusicBot version (01.07.2021):

Fixed [WebBrowser] Fixed not playing content protected music anymore inside the build in webbrowser. Spotify, amazon music and other sites are now working again. Next update will fix some outdated site title parsing regex to detect song titles again.
Fixed [WebBrowser] Browser process does nomore run in single process mode because its nomore supported and possible by current browsers to keep one single process and let the content protection module run beside the single process.

WebBrowser version 1.0.6 (30.06.2021):

New [WebBrowser] Updated firefox to version firefox-78.11.0esr.

TS3MusicBot version (18.06.2021):

Fixed [Youtube] Youtube live playback child processes don't get killed in all scenarious.
Fixed [Discord] Sometimes the bot cannot be stopped. We now additionally force kill the client processes also for the teamspeak client if the client process can't get killed by sigterm.
New [TS5/Discord] Preventing embedded previews in Discord and Teamspeak 5 chats for all non-"now playing" links.

System files version (08.06.2021):

Fixed [Discord] Stability improvements. On a discord voice server drop, the client and player does not restart anymore which came with previous update.

System files version (07.06.2021):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed discord client related player and client freezes.

TS3MusicBot version (07.06.2021):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed player freeze in case for youtube live playback if youtube does not respond expected. In this case we skip the start of the playback and show an error (live pipe broke).
Fixed [Youtube] Fixed a player crash scenario in live playback mode which accidentally could switch back to normal playback mode and tried there to play live playback.
Fixed [ServerBridge] Fixed a case where ServerBridge mode started with an enabled teamspeak query which is not available for the ServerBridge mode.
Enhanced [ServerBridge] We added a check if a target server bridge token got configured. If not, the client does not get started to save resources and an error message will get shown, to setup the target connect token.
Enhanced [Youtube] All youtube search requests now get proxied if a youtube http proxy got configured in settings.

TS3MusicBot version + System files version (06.06.2021):

Enhanced [Youtube] Updated youtube library and codes.

System files version (04.06.2021):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed a potential crash which caused a client restart which appeared while sending data to a discord server which already dropped the connection (appeared every few hours).
Enhanced [Discord] Improved connection and reconnecting behaviour.

TS3MusicBot version + System files version (04.06.2021):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed player freeze on bot channel switch while playing something.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed error if a webinterface skin was set and the skin folder got deleted while the bot is still running. In this case, if the aktive skin folder does not exist for some case, we fallback to the default webinterface (standard).
Fixed [Discord] Active twitch + soundcloud playbacks did not show URL in bot description.
Enhanced [Discord] If the client gets moved by drag&drop into a stage channel, it will now set speaker to itself in this case too.
Enhanced [Discord] A ServerBridge can get a speaker inside a discord stage channel too.
Enhanced [Discord] Other client code enhancements.

System files version (02.06.2021):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed a panic error on discord client which could appear from previous changes.

System files version (01.06.2021):

New [Discord] Bot now set itself speaker automatically on stage channel join. Requirements: MUTE_MEMBERS, REQUEST_TO_SPEAK permissions are enabled for the bot or bot rule.
Enhanced [Discord] Improved client connection and reconnect stability. Client now checks the active voice channel connection. If not connected to a voice channel anymore, reconnect to last used voice channel.
Fixed [Discord] Code improvements to fix an issue where the client could get stuck and played no more sound.

System files version (29.05.2021):

New [Discord] Added support for stage channels.

TS3MusicBot version (25.05.2021):

Fixed [TSQuery] If a query bot was connected and got restarted/reloaded on reconnect teamspeak does not free the query nickname fast enough, so it got a '2' appended on the end of the query nickname. The query now waits 5 seconds and retries as long as the previously used name gets freed. So now a previously used query nickname will come back with the same name without the 2.
Enhanced [ServerBridge] Now sending current users count to target bridge/hub on connect. This fixes the not shown bridged user counter directly after startup and reconnects.

System files version (05.04.2021):

Enhanced [Discord] Fixed a case where the client voice connection dropped (4014 error) and did not reconnect and stucked in this case instead. Now if discord's voice server close connections with 4014 error, the client voice connection should reconnect instantly.

Webinterface webbrowser version 1.0.5 (10.05.2021):

Enhanced [WebBrowser] Updated firfox webbrowser version which includes fixes for drm content playback issues.

Webinterface version (02.05.2021):

New [Webinterface] Added "Bug report" and "Feature request" buttons to the right menu side.
New [Webinterface] Added a page load progress bar to the header which shows a visual loading bar while a page loads.
Fixed [Webinterface] Style css issues for body and side menu and content heights for smaller screens where it is required to scroll. Fixed interrupted background and element heights.
Fixed [Webinterface] Some style changes and improvements.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed an jquery error in console.

System files version (05.04.2021):

Enhanced [Discord] Latest discord API update produced an sound glitches because the new api used a different buffer size. This update fixes the sound glitches.

System files version (04.04.2021):

Enhanced [Discord] Updated Discord client binaries to use latest discord API. This should fix the "unexpectantly, websocket: close 4014" error.

TS3MusicBot version (01.04.2021) + System files version (01.04.2021):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtube link extraction issue for some videos caused by recent changes.

TS3MusicBot version (31.03.2021):

Fix [ServerBridge] Fixed a scenario where a connection from an other bridge did not get unlocked which produced an connection "already in use" error.

TS3MusicBot version (22.03.2021):

New [Chat] Added new chat command "!leave" or "!startchannel" or "!joinchannel" to command the bot to go back to its start channel id defined in settings.

WebBrowser version 1.0.4 + System files version (09.03.2021):

Fixed [WebBrowser] Changed version to latest 78.8.0esr.

System files version + (08.03.2021):

Fixed [WebBrowser] Changed version to 75. Version 86 and below has some issues. 75 is the latest currently working one. Newer versions need some more investigation.
Fixed [WebBrowser] Fixed not correctly loading website in build in webbrowser for version 75.
Fixed [WebBrowser] Fixed and updated outdated webbrowser title detection queries for supported sites ( title detection works again).

System files version (07.03.2021):

Fixed [WebBrowser] Fixed not correctly loading website in build in webbrowser.
Fixed [WebBrowser] Fixed input field focus issue which prevented the input of Apple Music two factor auth code. This change does not minimize memory after each input anymore, it does after 10 seconds of no input.
New [WebBrowser] Updated WebBrowser to Firefox version 86 including code changes to fix issues appeared on the latest version.

System files version (05.03.2021):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed 404 error for some newer youtube playlist loading results in "0 videos" found in playlists issue due to latest changes.

TS3MusicBot version (27.02.2021):

Fixed [TS Client] Fixed and improved solution for high cpu and memory consumption on the client process connected to ts servers with animated server banners.
New [ServerBridge] If ServerBridge gets disabled and nickname is still set to "ServerBridge" automatically change it back to "MusicBot".
New [Filesystem] Now checking for NFS (network shared) folders for the music folder or inside (first level) of the music folder. If a NFS share got found, automatic musiclist refresh on file changes gets disabled. Webinterface displays a new refresh button and for the chat filelist refresh a new command "!scanmusic" or "!rescanmusic" or "!refreshmusic" got implemented. Chat responses also inform about this case if an NFS share got found. Reason behind this is, that on a network share the detection of the last changed file does not work, so we run into a case where each file listing rescanned everything each time which could be a mess on loading times with large music libraries. If a NFS share gets detected, it only scans one time at runtime, after that a manual rescan is needed to get file system changes.
Fixed [Webinterface] Protected webinterface webserver against a potential infinity loop caused by a too large request called to the webinterface which produced high cpu load and over time an out of memory java error.

System files version (28.01.2021):

Fixed [Twitch] Fixed 404 error for twitch live stream playback.
Enhanced [Youtube] Updated all youtube libraries.

TS3MusicBot version (15.01.2021):

Fixed [ServerBridge] Fixed some connection crash cases for ServerBridge connections.
Fixed [ServerBridgeHUB] Fixed some connection crash cases for ServerBridge HUB connections.
Fixed [Youtube] Fixed missing youtube video durations in now playing messages and in search results.
Fixed [Playback] Fixed repeat functionality for playall, playallrandom, playfolder and playfolder-random playlist playback which was not working anymore.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed a case where the player still showed something was playing but it was already ended.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed a case where the player still showed something was playing but it was already ended.
New [ChatCommand] Added support for !play xxx command which will do the same as !youtube xxx or !yt xxx which will start a search for xxx on youtube.
New [LicenseSystem] License checks can now fail up to 3 times in a row until a "license expired or could not be checked" message appears. The first startup license check has to be valid on first try. After this, future license checks can fail for any reason up to 3 times without any interrupotion. This will allow us to do better server maintenance and it will be more network interruption friendly.

TeamSpeak client version 3.5.6 (24.12.2020):

New [TeamSpeak] Updated teamspeak client to version 3.5.6.

System files version (08.12.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtube video extraction error.
Enhanced [Youtube] Updated all youtube libraries.

System files version (10.11.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtube playlist loading which broke because of recent changes.

TS3MusicBot version (08.11.2020):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed breaking Serverbridge on discord quick reconnects.
Fixed [Discord] Fixed breaking ServerBridge in case the discord client restarts.
Fixed [TeamSpeak] Fixed breaking ServerBridge in case the teamspeak client get kicked/restarts.

ServerBridge HUB mode has some bugs / crash cases left, we are working on this now. The two instance ServerBridge (normal mode without a HUB) should work stable now. ServerBridge HUB bugs will get fixed in the next update.

System files version (01.11.2020):

Fixed [Discord] Previous changes to fix the discord rate limit issue did not fix it. Its now fixed. Discord has changed a bunch of rate limits on their api server side without any notice, notification or documentation.... so this took a bit longer to fix because it was a try and error to find the correct solution.

System files version (31.10.2020):

Fixed [Discord] Discord voice channel connection broke with a rate limit error. This change excludes some pevious active serverbridge checks in normal musicbot mode and also slowed discord api requests a bit more down to prevent running into the rate limit.

System files version (29.10.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed ERROR: Unable to extract JS player URL.

TS3MusicBot version (29.10.2020):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed client connection drops.
Fixed [System] Fixed some https radio station cases not playing.
Fixed [ServerBridge] Fixed one issue where initial connection responded html code instead of an authorization key.
New [Webinterface] Added support to play radio urls directly from webinterface, we detect datastream urls and urls which point to .pls, .m3u, .asx... files.
New [System] Added support to play radio urls directly from !yt/!url/!link https://radiolink, we detect datastream urls and urls which point to .pls, .m3u, .asx... files.

System files version (27.10.2020):

Fixed [TeamSpeak] Fixed a client crash on failing for parsing current channel name.

System files version (27.10.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtube playlist playback.

TS3MusicBot version (26.10.2020):

New [Feature] With this update we bring you a brand new feature! We call it: TS3MusicBot ServerBridge. With at least two ServerBridge's running you can connect them together and let them join your favorite Teamspeak or Discord servers. The two server bridges build one complete bridge and it will transfer the voice and text data from one server to an other. Which means, if you talk to the bot on Teamspeak and let a second instance join a Discord server, users in the bot channel on discord can hear you talking from teamspeak and vice versa! Text chats also getting bridged!
New [Feature] A "two server" bridge is not enough? We introduce you: TS3MusicBot ServerBridge HUB. With one ServerBridge HUB instance (which can be enabled in settings), multiple ServerBridge instances can all connect to the ServerBridge HUB and build a larger bridged network where all bridged servers can write and talk togehter!
New [Command] Added new chat command "!userlist" or "!users" (working synonyms: !u/!ul/!lu/!user/listuser/!listusers) for the new ServerBridge mode which lists all users that are online on the bridge.
New [Webinterface] Webinterface shows a ServerBridge overview with all online users.
New [ServerBridge] Current ServerBridge user count will get displayed as a prefix on the client name.
New [ServerBridge] Current ServerBridge user count will get displayed as a user info on discord.
New [System] Added new startup argument "-force-bridge-mode": Forces ServerBridge mode, this disables the music mode.
New [System] Added new startup argument "-force-hub-mode": Forces ServerBridgeHub mode, this disables the music mode.
New [System] Added new startup argument "-force-bridge": Forces target bridge token to connect to. Eg.: '-force-bridge TOKENHERE'.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed mediabrowser youtube playlist searches.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed mediabrowser youtube search results showing wrong video duration format.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed webinterface -> logs copy buttons which copied the log entries without new lines.
Fixed [Radio] Fixed not working radio stations with some https/ssl issues.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed too large music lists won't display.
Enhanced [Clients] Added client memory leak checks. If TS3MusicBot detects a running client with a memory leak, the client will get killed and restarted.
Enhanced [TeamSpeak] Added an additional client check on initial connect if the client could connect. This fixes a state where the bot thought the client is connected but it was not.
Enhanced [TeamSpeak] Added client checks if the client is still connected.
Enhanced [Youtube] Improved youtube link handling to detect and filter special url parameters which are not needed for playback and they produced player freezes.

We will add commercial "ServerBridge only" licenses shortly. The new ServerBridge feature acts like a new product inside the TS3MusicBot. Like two products in one. Existing MusicBot licenses can be used too, but we will also provide cheap "ServerBridge only" licenses to sell it as a separate product too!

Private licenses stay the same. With a private license you can run up to 6 bots, so it will be possible to run up to 6 ServerBridge instances which form 3 "complete" bridges between two different voice servers. Or just use 2 private license instances to form one complete bridge and use the others as musicbots. Its up to you.

You can create bridges between:
• Teamspeak <-> Teamspeak
• Teamspeak <-> Discord
• Discord <-> Discord

If you configure one instance to be a "HUB", multiple bridge instances (more than two) can connect to the HUB instance to build an even larger bridge network!

TS3MusicBot ServerBridge Settings

TS3MusicBot ServerBridge Settings

System files version + (24.10.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Updated youtube codes for latest changes. This fixes broken/missing youtube search results.

TS3MusicBot version (07.10.2020):

Fixed [System] TS3MusicBot stucked without any output for the case the bot got started with a non existing license value.
Enhanced [System] If the bot gets started with a non existing license, a console message will be shown and the process exits.
Enhanced [System] Update manager now only runs with a valid license.
Enhanced [License server] Code changes for license server maintenance.
Enhanced [Player] Increased player freeze counter, so it takes longer to get triggered.

System files version (15.09.2020):

Fixed [TeamSpeak] The "stale decoder" error was still persistent which caused the client to disconnect/drop after some time. This issue is now fixed.

System files version (14.09.2020):

Fixed [TeamSpeak] Reverted some code changes which produced "stale decoder" log entries and potential client freezes.
Enhanced [Youtube] Updated youtube extraction codes.

TS3MusicBot version (10.09.2020):

Fixed [Webinterface] Removed a whitespace from the webserver response header because a company like started to spam false positive emails because of a single whitespace in the response header. This single whitespace character in the response made them think its a different software which got flagged for malware, just because they use the same webserver backend as we do.. This change should stop the false positive email spam from them.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Stopped automatically refreshing of musiclist in one case.. if the music folder or one of the first level folders inside the music folder is mounted as NFS (network share) folder. To manually trigger the musiclist refresh for this rare case, call your bot webinterface with the url http://ip:port/refreshmusic and wait till its done - we will add a button for this in the next release.

TS3MusicBot version (15.08.2020):

Fixed [System] Fixed an issue with reset settings and clickable urls (teamspeak 3 feature) in chat music list for the command "!music" which accidentally enabled clickable urls feature on discord which was wrong.

TS3MusicBot version (15.08.2020) + System files version (15.08.2020):

Enhanced [Chat] Commands !music/!musiclist/!playlist/!radio/!radiolist and "!search XX" now prints the filelist in a tree format for better reading and overview.
Enhanced [Chat] To play a folder from chat command eg. "!music testfolder/" it was required to add the ending slash. This requirement got removed. It now works with "!music testfolder". Also working syntax: "!music testfolder/*" or "!music testfolder/**".
New [Chat] The commands "!music/!musicstart, !radio/!radiostart and !playlist/!playliststart/!pl" can now be used with a SEARCH_TEXT which will trigger a file search and start the playback of the first result. Eg.: "!music test" is now able to start the playback of the file "this is a test.mp3". Its not needed anymore to write the exact path/filename like "!music this is a test.mp3". So you can just type !music/!radio/!playlist [and a part of the name you remember] to start the playback.
Enhanced [Chat] Changed !search XXX and !music/!radio/!playlist XXX searches to be case insensitive for better matching.
New [Chat] Added new synonym commands for !addmusic to add music files to queue: "!qmusic XXX", "!queuemusic XXX".
New [Chat] The commands "!addmusic/!qmusic/!queuemusic" can now be used with a SEARCH_TEXT which will trigger a file search and adds the first result to the queue. Eg.: "!addmusic test" is now able to add the file "this is a test.mp3" to the queue. Its not needed anymore to write the exact path/filename like "!addmusic this is a test.mp3". So you can just type !addmusic/!qmusic/!queuemusic [and a part of the name you remember] to add the first matchinf file to queue.
Enhanced [Chat] Created new commandlist and texts with better overview for the command "!bothelp".
New [Chat] After joining a teamspeak server, the bot prints one time the message "TS3MusicBot READY FOR PLAYING. TYPE !bothelp IN CHAT TO GET INFORMATIONS" to the channel chat.
New [Chat] Added cover images for file and radio playback to discord "Now playing:" messages. A cover image will get displayed if a cover for the file name or radio title got found.
Fixed [System] Fixed google cover search.
Fixed [System] Fixed empty entries in !history output.

TS3MusicBot version (14.08.2020) + System files version (14.08.2020):

Fixed [Discord] If nothing is playing, discord client status goes blank too.
Fixed [Youtube] !yt/!youtube link playback from chat did not show video title. It showed 2 times the link instead of link and title.
Fixed [System] Added new startup parameter '-resetsettings'. Reset bot settings on cold start for the configuration number it started or if set the configuration number of -number.
Fixed [System] Fixed and checked all youtube titles to display correctly unicode symbols. Also fixed not showing unicode symbols in 'Now playing' chat response.

TS3MusicBot version (13.08.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtube song titles, special symbols got displayed as '\uXXXX' unicode format.
Fixed [System] Added new startup parameter '-txtchannelid'. Force default text channel id which overwrites discord text channel from settings.
Fixed [System] Added new startup parameter '-demomode'. Allows everyone to use admin chat commands. It overwrites the permissions in settings.

System files version (13.08.2020):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed an issue in the new version of the discord connection library which caused the playback to freeze on a channel switch.

System files version (13.08.2020):

Enhanced [Discord] Updated discord api library to latest version (to improve stability and fix disconnect issues).
Enhanced [Discord] Removed the startup disconnect because its not needed anymore with updated discord api library.
Enhanced [Discord] Client code cleanup and improvements.
Enhanced [Discord] Improved now playing song information in the popout view of the bot client.
Enhanced [Discord] Client now directly joins into the correct channel if a join channel id is set in settings instead of first joining the first voice channel.
Fixed [Discord] Because of new direct voice channel join for custom set join channel in settings, the bot does not get stucked anymore in the welcome/first voice channel on reconnects.
Fixed [Discord] Does not write initial startup message into the general channel anymore, it uses the set text channel id if configured in settings.
Fixed [Discord] If the discord connection reconnects because of an interuption, the initial startup message does not get printed anymore.

System files version (30.07.2020):

Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed youtube media browser search results broken "show more results" button because of latest changes.

System files version (28.07.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtube playback error because of latest changes.

Webinterface version (21.07.2020):

Fixed [Webinterface] Missing video cover images in media browser for youtube playlist search results.

Webinterface version (03.07.2020):

Fixed [Webinterface] MediaBrowser for youtube playlist search results now displays playlists video count again.

TS3MusicBot version (02.07.2020) + Webinterface version (02.07.2020):

Fixed [Chat] Fixed missing video durations for youtube video chat search results and now playing information.
Fixed [Webinterface] MediaBrowser for youtube search results now display video durations again.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Added loading animation to MediaBrowser.

System files version (01.07.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed webinterface > media browser > youtube playlist results (wrong urls). Video icons are not visible on this list currently. Will be fixed with next update.

TS3MusicBot version (18.06.2020):

Fixed [System] Fixed an issue with the update check for the windows version. There was a bug which caused the windows version to check for updates from the linux version. Its now separated correctly.

System files version (14.06.2020):

Fixed [Twitch] Fixed twitch playback "Error 410: Gone".

TS3MusicBot version (12.06.2020) + Webinterface version (13.06.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtube video and live search for webinterface (playlist search currently results in wrong urls).
Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtube playlist and queued videos view for webinterface.
Enhanced [Youtube] Readded "view more results" (pagination) function for reworked youtube search.

TS3MusicBot version + (12.06.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtube search for chat (!yt keyword).
Fixed [Youtube] Fixed playlist playback.
Enhanced [Youtube] Changed codes for fixing video, live and playlist searches over the webinterface (webinterface code changes will come next).
Enhanced [Youtube] Added youtube title cache to keep video informations cached during runtime to reduce youtube calls.
Webinterface youtube search for videos, playlists and live videos is still broken, webinterface code will get updated shortly.

TS3MusicBot version (08.06.2020):

Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed Icecast browser to search for radio stations. Latest icecast directory changes broke the search code.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Fixed an issue on the icecast and shoutcast browser, in a case where 0 results where found, a next search was not possible in the same modal. The modal needed to get refreshed. This issue got fixed now.
Enhanced [System] System package checker for "not portable" system setups now write the missing packages into the log and show an error message for each missing package instead of only a console print.
Enhanced [System] Changed some codes for icecast browser result changes to keep up functionality for new behavior.

System files version (30.05.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtube playback error due to latest changes.

TeamSpeak client version 3.5.3 (13.05.2020):

New [TeamSpeak] Updated teamspeak client to version 3.5.3 which fixes client crashes/freezes in rare cases.

Dependency files version (09.05.2020):

Fixed [WebBrowser] Fixed not starting webbrowser in portable bot installations.

TS3MusicBot version (21.04.2020):

Enhanced [TeamSpeak] This update drastically reduces the memory usage of clients in serveral cases.

TS3MusicBot version (16.04.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Added fix for "player instance freeze detected" youtube error messages which occured since 1-2 days because of latest changes which caused 403 error responses from youtube.
Fixed [Youtube] Fixed not working "!ytdl http://xxxx" command in discord chat.
Fixed [Discord] After this update, next updates will get only once chat notification for new update available posted into discord chat, instead of posting every 10 minutes like in teamspeak. Discord has a saved history, so its not needed to send in period.

Dependency files version (15.04.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Updated portable dependency files for missing new youtube extractor modules from yesterdays youtube binary updates.

System files version (14.04.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtube playback cuts because of youtube codec changes (last bot update accidentally reverted this fix, you may need to shutdown your bot and start it again (full process restart) to get the changes).

System files version (09.04.2020):

Fixed [WebBrowser] Fixed a permission issue which prevented build in webbrowsers in multi bots hosting environments to start correctly.

TeamSpeak client version 3.5.2 (03.04.2020):

New [TeamSpeak] Updated teamspeak client to version 3.5.2 which fixes client crashes.

TeamSpeak client version 3.5.1 (27.03.2020):

New [TeamSpeak] Updated teamspeak client to version 3.5.1.

TeamSpeak client version 3.5.0 (19.03.2020):

New [TeamSpeak] Updated teamspeak client to version 3.5.0.

System files version (12.03.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Updated extractors.

TS3MusicBot version (14.02.2020):

Fixed [WebStream] Fixed an issue where started webstreams from the TS3MusicBot WebStream Google Chrome extension did not get started correctly since last update.
Fixed [Youtube] Text to speech song title readings could read included links, those links now get stripped before processing.

TS3MusicBot version (31.01.2020):

Fixed [WebBrowser] Fixed a permission issue occured in bot-"portable mode" while running with a non-root user. This issue prevented the browser to start.
New [WebBrowser] Added system packages check (for yum and apt based systems) on webbrowser startup for required packages in bot-"portable mode". Added error message if a package if missing.
New [WebBrowser] Updated to latest webbrowser version 72.

TS3MusicBot version (28.01.2020):

New [WebBrowser] TS3MusicBot now has a build in webbrowser which opens endless playback possiblities from now on! Control the build in webbrowser over the bot webinterface. Song title detection for supported websites is also integrated! Please note, this feature is only available for the linux version of TS3MusicBot.
TS3MusicBot WebBrowser
New [WebBrowser] Added paste text support.
New [WebBrowser] Added special keys support.
New [WebBrowser] Added scrolling support.
New [WebBrowser] Added cpu/memory checks with default limits if 300 megabyte and 80% cpu. If those limits are hit for some seconds, webbrowser gets shutdown.
New [WebBrowser] Added new startup parameter '-disable-webbrowser' which disables the webbrowser feature completely.
New [WebBrowser] Added new startup parameter '-webbrowser-memlimit 300'. By default webbrowser has a memory limit of 300MB set, if this limit is hit for 10 seconds in a row it waits for the next memory optimization if the limit is still hit after that, the webbrowser gets automatically shutdown. You can increase this limit or disable it with a zero (0) value. Eg.: '-webbrowser-memlimit 500' to set the limit to 500MB or '-webbrowser-memlimit 0' to disable the limit check.
New [WebBrowser] Added new startup parameter '-webbrowser-cpulimit 80'. By default webbrowser has a cpu limit of 80% set, if this limit is hit for 20 seconds in a row, the webbrowser gets automatically shutdown. You can increase this limit or disable it with a zero (0) value. Eg.: '-webbrowser-cpulimit 150' to set the limit to 150% or '-webbrowser-cpulimit 0' to disable the limit check.
New [WebBrowser] Added webbrowser automatic shutdown on idle (no playback) for 10 minutes to save ressources.
New [WebBrowser] A running webbrowser gets memory optimized every 60 seconds. If inputs where made it get optimized 10 seconds after the input has finished.
New [WebBrowser] Encrypt key inputs.
New [WebBrowser] Added session support, save last session support (to keep logins) and also clear session support.
New [WebBrowser] Optimizing memory now after each screenshot in webbrowser, keeps the overall memory low. Cpu spikes are still there while screenshotting.
New [WebBrowser] Added a webbrowser start image which shows if the webbrowser is stopped and needs to be clicked before the webbrowser gets started.
New [WebBrowser] Only http and https urls are allowed for the webbrowser.
New [System] Added webbrowser support to portable mode.
New [System] Added webbrowser support for x86 and x64 linux systems.
New [Webinterface] Added webbrowser cover image for the webinterface player and history.
Fixed [System] Fixed an issue while teamspeak query mode was active and text to speech title announcements enabled, radio freeze detection stuck and radio did not restart.
Fixed [System] Filter '-' character from text to speech text before processing, because the character breaks it.
Fixed [Webinterface] Corrected cs flag to show correct one like cz.
Fixed [Webinterface] Added full support for 'x-forwarded-for' header which will be set if the bot webinterface gets accessed through a proxy server. We now log the correct ip address in commands.log and also ban the correct user ip for the spam protection.
Fixed [Webinterface] WMA icon missing in file list.
Fixed [Webinterface] Added missing youtube-cooldown downloder icon.
Fixed [Webinterface] Updated copyright to 2020.
Enhanced [Youtube] Improved youtube unblock mechanics in a case where unblock could fail. It now retries instead of printing an error.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Added nocache to webinterface headers.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Media browser, music and radio menu bars have now dynamic width checks. If the window gets smaller, the top menu entries break to a new line instead of overlapping with the seach bar.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Media browser site refresh now jumps back to previous selected service selection.
Enhanced [System] Now playing messages now gets all added to history. We missed some of them before.
Enhanced [WebStream Chrome Addon] Added webstream incoming connection log entry to commands log.

The webbrowser shows an updated screenshot of the opened website every 2 seconds if changes got detected. We limited the browser as much as we could to reduce the ressources but without breaking the main functionality to play media. We try to reduce the memory usage for the browser session even more in future updates.

TeamSpeak client version 3.5.1 (27.03.2020):

New [TeamSpeak] Updated teamspeak client to version 3.5.1.

TeamSpeak client version 3.5.0 (19.03.2020):

New [TeamSpeak] Updated teamspeak client to version 3.5.0.

System files version (12.03.2020):

Fixed [Youtube] Updated extractors.

TS3MusicBot version (14.02.2020):

Fixed [WebStream] Fixed an issue where started webstreams from the TS3MusicBot WebStream Google Chrome extension did not get started correctly since last update.
Fixed [Youtube] Text to speech song title readings could read included links, those links now get stripped before processing.

System files version (23.01.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Updated codes for todays changes.

System files version (31.12.2019):

Fixed [Soundcloud] Updated codes for latest changes. Fixed 401 error.

TS3MusicBot version (30.12.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed player freeze on youtube onblock tries in youtube links added to queue.
Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtube "!yt http://link" playback got interpreted as "!yt textsearch" by commands send from teamspeak 5 client which does not support bbcode quiet well yet.
Fixed [Youtube] Increased player freeze timeout for youtube unblocked playbacks, we give it some more time to process, for the case a unblock mechanic can take a bit longer.
Fixed [System] Added "X-FORWARDED-FOR" header check to log correct webinterface user ip in logs for bots running behind a proxy (experimental, may not work correctly right now).
Fixed [Radio] Added more radio checks to restart radio streams if they are not playing anymore for any reason.
Fixed [System] We pause player freeze detections while text to speech is running to make sure we do not run into false positive freeze checks.
Fixed [Soundcloud] Updated files for latest changes which broke soundcloud playback.

System files version (28.11.2019):

Fixed [Soundcloud] Updated codes for latest changes.

TS3MusicBot version (19.11.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed an code logic issue where youtube unblock did not retry and failed on first try.
Fixed [Youtube] Added a small cooldown of a few seconds between downloads for download manager to prevent bans.
Fixed [TS3 Client] Fixed Teamspeak client connection fail on some windows versions which act differently (caused by a windows update).
Fixed [System] Fixed machine id missing error in TS3MusicBot linux portable mode for some ubuntu systems.

System files version (06.11.2019):

Fixed [Mixcloud] Updated codes for latest changes. Mixcloud works again now.

System files version (18.10.2019):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed connection issues. Updated to latest changes from discord.

System files version (15.10.2019):

Enhanced [Discord] Updated all discord libraries.

TS3MusicBot version (15.10.2019):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed an issue where we run into teamspeak query setup mode while we are in discord mode where no setup mode is needed. Issue occured because of previous changes.

TS3MusicBot version (15.10.2019):

Fixed [System] Fixed a freeze state of the main loop in case of query connection failures/errors or misconfiguration. In case of a wrong query configuration, its now possible to save again the correct settings. Before this was not possible because of the main loop close.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed query status showed green icon (connected) instead of the red icon in case the query login data was wrong and failed to login. Now the status is correct red.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed a case after settings where saved and a query connection failed, meta data did not get displayed anymore for the webinterface file list.
Fixed [System] Fixed the error "an error occured" which could appear for playall, playallrandom and play folder/play folder random function in combination with a program reload like save settings or restart which made the metadata for files unavailable which caused this error.
New [Youtube] Added support for youtube live streams in indirect playback mode for youtube blocked servers [still experimental].

TS3MusicBot version (13.10.2019):

Enhanced [Youtube] Improved youtube block handling, detection and prevention.
Enhanced [Youtube] Now stopping all requests from all bots on the host to youtube while in blocked state and using fallback mechanics until block is resolved.
Enhanced [Youtube] Other code changes for internal infrastructure changes.
Fixed [Youtube] Fallback mechanics do not interrupt longer playbacks anymore.

TS3MusicBot version (10.10.2019):

Fixed [Windows TS3-Client] Fixed an issue where windows clients started and disconnected in a loop.
Enhanced [Youtube] Updated codes for

TS3MusicBot version (09.10.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Updated codes for latest changes and fixed errors.

TS3MusicBot version (01.10.2019):

New [WebStream] Reworked WebStream connection handling. WebStream now connects to the Webinterface main tcp port instead of requiring a seoerate port. So now WebStream will work on all hosters without the need of opening extra ports and editing firewall rules.
New [WebStream] Added handling for "Now playing" song title data which we now can recieve with the updated "TS3MusicBot WebStream" chrome browser extension.
New [System] Added new start parameter "-identity PATH" to set an PATH to a located identity file for automatic import on bot start.
New [System] Added new start parameter "-channelid X" to overwrite the start join channel id from the settings over the console start command. Works with teamspeak and discord channel ids.
Fixed [System] Webinterface -> Update -> "Reset all settings" now resets also the settings on the license database and not only a locale "blank settings" software side reload.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed not shown running bots in the webinterfacd switcher on the top left header. Now running bots are shown again (private license - multi bot usage) for quick bot webinterface switches.
Fixed [Windows TS3 Client] Fixed an issue with nomore using imported identity file on the windows version.
Fixed [Windows TS3 Client] Removed the requirement of needing c++ redistributable 2013 for windows version. The 2015 version is enough.
Enhanced [TS3 Client] Improved automatic client downgrade meachanism for outdated servers.
Enhanced [TS3 Client] Webinterface now shows a message, if the client gets automatically downgraded if an outdated server gets detected.

System files version (11.09.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Updated youtube codes for latest changes/updates.

TS3MusicBot version (28.08.2019):

Fixed [TS3 Client] Fixed not starting downgraded client using for outdated servers since client 3.2.2 update.
Enhanced [TS3 Client] Improved automatic client downgrade meachanism for outdated servers.
Enhanced [TS3 Client] Webinterface now shows a message, if the client gets automatically downgraded if an outdated server gets detected.

TS3MusicBot version (26.08.2019):

Fixed [System] Fixed idle play did not start automatically anymore, only if stop command was made.
Fixed [TS3 Client] Fixed not restarting client if a radio station was played and the client got kicked or lost connection.
New [TS3 Client] Updated teamspeak client to version 3.3.2.

System files version (24.08.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Updated youtube codes for latest changes/updates.

TS3MusicBot version (22.08.2019):

Fixed [TS3 Client] Fixed not working bot client avatar in portable environment for latest teamspeak client version 3.3.0 caused by a bug in QT in latest client.

TS3MusicBot version (02.08.2019):

Fixed [TS3 Client] Fixed not working changed client lib folder outside of default "/tmp/" with set "-clibs-dir" in portable linux version.
Fixed [Youtube] Fixed not working correctly youtube playback on banned servers by caused by a missed variable which produced player freezes.

TS3MusicBot version (18.07.2019) + System files version (23.07.2019):

Fixed [TS3 Client] added a missing symbolic link to fix client ssl error on newer server systems.
Fixed [TS3 Client] fixed no playback after second song on debian 10/fedora 29,30 and other systems with newest linux changes.
New [System] added kernel 5.X checks and package downloads for portable version.

TS3MusicBot version (18.07.2019):

Fixed [System] Fixed not counting up internal bot number (for configuration loading while using multiple bots with private license) if "-number X" was not set.
Fixed [System] Fixed an exception on previously added kernel check which caused outdated kernel systems to show endless update manager loading.
Fixed [TS3 Client] Fixed a library error in linux portable version on downgraded client startups to keep support for outdated teamspeak servers.

TS3MusicBot version (17.07.2019):

Fixed [TS3 Client] Fixed not setting client avatar on teamspeak servers with active host messages (connect message popups).

TS3MusicBot version (17.07.2019):

Fixed [TS3 Client] Fixed not connecting downgraded teamspeak clients to support greylisted ts servers for previous update changes.
New [TS3 Client] Added ban client log check to be able to print a ban message in console output, logs and webinterface error message with reason and duration of the ban.

TS3MusicBot version (15.07.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed an code issue from update.

TS3MusicBot version (15.07.2019):

Fixed [System] Rollback of some DNS code changes, because of reported issue with DNS on some systems.

TS3MusicBot version (15.07.2019):

This update probably requires a real process restart, a soft restart (internal process reload) may not work for this update.

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtubes latest "too many requests" issue. If this issue appears, youtube blocked the host system ip on which the bot is running. We implemented an "indirect playback mode" for this case. You will see "[indirect]" notes for youtube playback and downloads if your host got blocked, but it will still work.
Fixed [TS3 Client] !restart, !update, console restart and webinterface soft restart methods did not disconnect the client correctly. The client just timed out.
Fixed [Youtube] Youtube link playback displayed an endless player loading animation instead of correct playback time and song length.
Fixed [Console] Fixed no more displaying "Stopping client..done." in some cases for bot reloads/restarts/updates.
Enhanced [System] Do not check player freeze on player restarts/reloads on purpose.
Enhanced [System] Do not check player crashes on player restarts on purpose.
Enhanced [System] Enhanced code cleanup for restarts/updates. Goal: update java core without the need of 2 restarts. Its nearly fixed, some places left.
New [Youtube] Added new startup argument "-disable-proxy" which disables the bots internal proxy system for indirect playback fallback for youtubes "too many requests" case. The bot won't act as a proxy anymore this way, but also it can't access any other one.

System files version (13.07.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed issues with youtube live playback due latest changes.

System files version (12.07.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed issues with youtube live playback due latest changes.

TS3MusicBot version + c (03.07.2019):

Fixed Reworked configuration and xml content loading from scratch because old method caused a memory/object leak which prevented the update mechanism to update and start the newer .jar version on the first reload.

TS3MusicBot version (29.06.2019):

Fixed Fixed a client position issue since client 3.3.0 with newer QT framework.

TeamSpeak client version 3.3.0 (28.06.2019):

New [TeamSpeak] Updated teamspeak client to version 3.3.0. Please note, this client does not support kernel lower 3.17, please upgrade your systems to kernel 3.17 or higher to provide a working teamspeak 3.3.0 client. With this, we also drop support for very outdated 2.6 kernel systems.
New [TeamSpeak] Added support for a working TS3MusicBot on running systems using kernel 3.0 to < 3.17 for the portable version. For those using the "not portable" linux version with running a kernel lower than 3.17, please upgrade your kernel.
New [TeamSpeak] Added new dependencies to the not portable package check.
New [TeamSpeak] Updated portable packages to support latest teamspeak 3.3.0 changes.
New [TeamSpeak] Updated client plugins to support versions 3.3.0 requirements.

TS3MusicBot version (28.06.2019):

Fixed Fixed a potential memory leak while configuration loading/unloading.
Fixed Fixed an issue in the update mechanism which caused the update to need 2 restarts (and with the above mentioned memory leak in configuration, it caused a restart loop). The update mechanism will work after this update with the first (soft) reload. Please note, that if you update from a previous version to this version, you may still need a full process restart. If you are on this version, the next versions update perfectly again.

System files version + c (21.06.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed issues due latest changes.

System files version (13.07.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed issues with youtube live playback due latest changes.

System files version (12.07.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed issues with youtube live playback due latest changes.

System files version + c (21.06.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed issues due latest changes.

TS3MusicBot version (13.06.2019):

Fixed Hotfixed an issue with new lines on settings save, caused by changes in the last update (admin and user identity list).

System files version (12.06.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed issues due latest changes.

TS3MusicBot version (29.05.2019):

Fixed Fixed special chars in autostart path/filenames.
Fixed If soundstream or webstream was played and an other playback in the webinterface was started, the volume kept 100% instead of restoring the old volume which is now fixed.
Fixed Now restarting radio stream if playback log detects "PROPERTY_UNAVAILABLE" which means for some reason the stream is gone.
Fixed Fixed bot name and query name fields in settings, to not save a number behind the name.
Fixed Fixed stop if channel empty did not work correctly while playing radio streams.
Fixed Fixed repeat functionality for single youtube links (and other single links, no playlists) which broke with previous changes.
Fixed Fixed a case where soundstream did not start playing correctly on first try.
Fixed Fixed a bug if in noquery mode, if someone used the query only feature "!follow/!followme" the bot triggered a chat flood ban for the user.
New Added new startup argument parameters "-webif-pw-b64 XXXXXXXXXX==" and "-webif-pw-user-b64 YYYYYYYYYY==" to support special characters for admin and user webinterface passwords without breaking the console start command. Charakters like "| / ; \" in passwords brreaks the command, so make sure if you want to use special chaaracters in the passwords, that you use the new arguments with base64 encoded passwords.
New Added new startup argument parameter "-clickableurlsskipportcheck" which force enables the clickable url feature and does not check if the webinterface port is open. Useful for docker containers where the container port is different as the inside port.

System files version (24.04.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Fixed issues due latest changes.

TeamSpeak client version 3.2.5 (20.04.2019):

New [TeamSpeak] Updated teamspeak client to version 3.2.5.

TS3MusicBot version (22.02.2019):

Fixed [Windows/TeamSpeak] Fixed an issue where a sound glitch appeared on windows which played the file in wrong endian format.
Fixed [Windows] Fixed not displaying file meta data in latest windows version.

TS3MusicBot version (20.02.2019):

New [TeamSpeak/Chat] Added new startup parameter '-noclickableurls' which force disables clickable chat urls feature. Overwrites bot setting. Useful if bot runs in container with random public ports and no port closed error should popup.
Enhanced [System] Removed some sleeps for faster player start/restart/playback mode switching times. Improvement: 3 seconds faster.
Enhanced [System] Initialize MetaData database in update manager instead inside the webinsterface initialization. This way no console output of the update manager gets interrupted by metadata console prints.
Enhanced [System] Now only prints previously added "Admin logged in." and "User logged in." console outputs if the bot is running in our official docker image. The login check is only needed there.
Enhanced [System] Added unique seed creation for each bot used for the webinterface login cookie creation. Added additional new startup parameter '-resetseed' which resets the unique seed on bot start. Logged in users will get logged out if the bot restarts and this flag is set. An unique seed is required if the bot runs inside a container with same ip and same port on muiltiple containers with different webinterface passwords which created a cookie session conflict.
Enhanced [Windows version] Code improvements to support latest windows version changes to speed up response times and increase stability.

TS3MusicBot version (19.02.2019):

Enhanced [WebStream] Now closing waiting WebStream initialization after 10 seconds if no incoming client connection got created.
Enhanced [System] Added code to clear the audio output buffer after stop, pause and playback start commands This should prevent the longer playback and reaction times in the windows version (which also causes unexpected behavior like player freezes or skipping songs in playlist/queue) times if it shouldn't play anymore. This should also clear previous song audio fragments (0.5-1 second long) if a new song starts.

TS3MusicBot version (17.02.2019):

New [Webinterface] Added docker environment informations for our official docker image to the update site if the bot runs in this image.

TS3MusicBot version (17.02.2019):

New [Webinterface] Added new webinterface translation for czech language translated and provided by Jan Skalička [Thank you!].
Fixed [WebStream] WebStream connections got closed if silent data got streamed.

TS3MusicBot version (15.02.2019):

New First release of TS3MusicBot WebStream.
TS3MusicBot WebStream
TS3MusicBot WebStream is a free webbrowser extension (currently for chrome) to stream your current active tab audio to your teamspeak and discord server with TS3MusicBot.
Compatible with any music/media website like spotify, amazon music, apple music, deezer, google play music, tidal, youtube music and more.
Manage and control all your TS3MusicBots from one place in your browser.
Monitor which TS3MusicBot is online or offline or check whats currently playing.
More informations in the Chrome Web Store.
New [System] Added new startup argument '-streaming-port ' eg. '-streaming-port 9000' which binds the listening streaming port for soundstream and webstream to TCP 9000. Useful if you need a static port instead of a dynamic free one for opening a firewall port to enable streaming.
Fixed [Youtube] Queue interrupt playback issues.

TS3MusicBot version (21.01.2019):

Fixed [Youtube] Preventing multiple open youtube playback processes which occured on some servers (thanks for report).
Fixed [Radio] Fixed radio autostart + repeat autostart combination could rarely produce higher cpu load.
Fixed [Radio] Disabled repeat functionality for radio playback. An endless radio stream can't get repeated. Radio drop detection does this part of work.
Enhanced [Teamspeak] Added "force to leave" and "connection lost" detection for teamspeak client after client start to detect stucking not connected client which got displayed as connected. Client get stopped and restarted in this case.
New [Radio] Added audio datastream detection for URLs set in AUTOSTART, IDLEPLAY and link playback with !yt/!link or webinterface link playback. Now supporting direct datastream URLs which previously did not work.

TS3MusicBot system files version (18.01.2019):

Enhanced [YouTube] Updated youtube libraries for latest changes.

TS3MusicBot version (15.01.2019):

New [Webinterface] Added "reset all settings" button to update.htm page. You can now reset all settings of your current bot directly inside your webinterface.
New [Webinterface] Added a loading animation to the webinterface player (visual).
New [Webinterface] Player does now display the pause state visually.
New [Webinterface] Added clientname to webinterface header at the top right corne to quicker identify the bot.
New [Webinterface] Download manager now shows a converting animation while its in converting state.
New [Webinterface] Added /processInfo, displayes various stats:
Query: 0/1
Player: 0/1/2 (is means freezed)
Client: 0/1
Update: 1/2 (1 means update available, 2 means update in progress)
SetupMode (indicates that the TS3MusicBot is in setup mode for teamspeak query mode).

New [Chat] !botinfo command now shows the identity of the user with instructions how to get chat permissions.
Fixed [Youtube] Fixed youtube playback issues where the song stopped playing after 2-3 minutes for some videos from youtube due latest changes of
Fixed [System] Fixed an issue in the cover search function.
Fixed [Teamspeak] Fixed client avatar did not get disabled automatically after 3 times failed in a row.
Fixed [System] Fixed an exception for the last playing song in a youtube playlist. This exception could stop the repeat functionality in addition with the youtube playlist.
Fixed [System] If idleplay and autostart is set at the same time, idleplay will get internally disabled as long as the autostart did not start to play something. This prevents that the idleplay feature messes up with the autostart in the case the autostart does not load or is slow for the set online ressource.
Fixed [System] Livestreams could stop with 'couldn't sync' error messages. Livestreams get now restarted in this case.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed pause state could freeze player.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed jquery "not a function" browser console javascript errors on shoutcast and icecast browser.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed wrong displayed music files duration times displayed on the webinterface player for corrupt/unfixed length music files. (this appears on downloaded and converted songs from the internet with various converters which do not fix the length after converting the file).
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed not parsed file meta data for files with ' characters in the filename.
Fixed [Webinterface] Download manager does now restict filenames to prevent files with names which would break the unicode.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed not displayed logout button on webinterface if logged in as user.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed a redirection issue with browser cache which prevented an login with /logn?password=XXXXXX twice in a row with an logout between the both login tries.
Fixed [Webinterface] "/login" now redirects to index.htm instead of displaying a blank site.
Fixed [Webinterface] Player did not refresh the song cover in some cases.
Fixed [Teamspeak] Truncate server query name if its too long (max 30 chars). Prevents an issue where the query name was set too long.
Fixed [Discord] Discord channel list only showed the first channel instead of a complete list which now got fixed.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed stopping TTS message at & symbols in the text message (appeared on the say text form on the right side).
Fixed [System] Teamspeak Server variables like %SERVER_USER_COUNT% did not get replaced for the welcome TTS message.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Added whitespace trim to password for webinterface login.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Login session does not get destroyed anymore on browser session end. You now stay logged in.
Enhanced [System] Switched default settings for 'Now playing:' chat message and the now playing voice output. Default enabled settings is the text message. If you want to get song title announcements by voice, you can enable this feature in your TS3MusicBot settings.
Enhanced [System] Improved player pause handling.
Enhanced [System] Improved cover search code.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Improved song length parsing. Fetching length from song metadata if available, otherwise we parse it from the file.
Enhanced [Webinterface] File meta data handling improved. It now skips file meta data parsing for unfinished files downloading with the download manager.
Enhanced [System] Code optimizations to speed up reaction and loading times.
Enhanced [Discord] We have removed the overwrite of the discord client avatar. You can now set your own avatar on the Discord Bot site without to get the avatar overwritten by the TS3MusicBot. Allowing you to use your own images now because of high demand.

TS3MusicBot system files version (12.01.2019):

Enhanced [YouTube] Updated youtube libraries for latest changes.

TS3MusicBot version - e (06.12.2018):

Fixed Fixed endless loop state which freezed java main process and prevented new commands and stopped playback after some time.

TS3MusicBot version (06.12.2018):

Fixed Fixed playback timer which did not work correctly anymore. Probably caused other issues like playback freezes (needs some more testing).

TS3MusicBot version (30.11.2018):

Fixed Fixed cutoff now playing title speach for title texts with including / (slashes) for youtube and twitch livestreams.
Fixed SoundStream did not work correctly if youtube proxy was set in settings.
Fixed Fixed welcome TTS message issues for latest update changes. It caused query freezes and playbacks did not start in this state.
Fixed Improved loading times of livestreams and all other content a bit.
Fixed Fixed not displaying length of youtube videos in playlist playback since last update.
Fixed Fixed TTS word breaks for texts longer than 1000 characters. We split text in 1000 character strings in the processing, which produced word breaks.
Fixed Now turning off not playing voice output automatically if "send radio infos" got disabled in settings. This leaded to a issue that nothing got played if now playback title voice output was enabled at the same time.
Fixed Fixed an failed to resync radio streams error by restarting the player instance and restart the stream cleanly.

TS3MusicBot version (21.11.2018):

Fixed Fixed breaking title voice outputs for titles containing corrupt unicode characters. Such chars now get filtered.
Fixed Fixed sometimes glitching sound while now playing voice speach was running.
Fixed Fixed wrong formatted chat outputs while now playing title speach was enabled at the same time with enabled text chat outputs.
Fixed Fixed wrong parsed song title from twitch.
Fixed Fixed wrong displayed folder content count for the native windows version.
Fixed Fixed a wrong condition which could lead to a youtube playlist playback where the next song did not get played.
Fixed Added a process cleanup command to the startup and shutdown process for a really rare case on linux where a frozen ts3 client process survived a kill which prevented the client to reconnect.
Enhanced Faster loading times for twitch and youtube livestream playback.
Enhanced Several code optimizations.
Enhanced Optimized pid checks and rechecked them all on linux and windows.

TS3MusicBot version (19.11.2018):

Fixed [IMPORTANT HOTFIX] Due to changes from a previous update a client pid check got looped which increased the cpu usage.

TS3MusicBot version (18.11.2018):

New [System] Added codes to seperate windows and linux updates so we can release updates only for the linux version, only for the windows version or for both versions.
Enhanced [System] Improved pause / resume handling to make sure the pause state is always correct before other actions get processed.
Enhanced [System] General code improvements, stability improvements and code cleanup.
Enhanced [Command] Stop command now stops voice playback too.
Fixed [Discord] Fixed an issue with an old discord client session in timeout state on the server which prevented the playback for a new session.

TS3MusicBot version (17.11.2018):

Fixed [Windows] Fixed chat handling changes for native windows version.
Fixed [System] Console and chat linebreaks on the beginning and the and got trimmed which broke the appearance of text outputs on some places.
Enhanced [Chat] "!addyt 1-5" is now supported. If a previous youtube search in chat was performed, the results now can get added into the queue. We also added synonym commands which do all the same: !addyt/!ytadd/!addyoutube/!youtubeadd/!addurl/!urladd/!addlink/!linkadd URL

TS3MusicBot system files version (17.11.2018):

Enhanced [Discord] Client will now display the current track in discords "now playing" client information field.
New [Discord] Added discord support to native windows version (PART 2 of 2 done).

TS3MusicBot version (17.11.2018):

Fixed [SoundStream] Fixed SoundStream issues because of last update security changes.
New [System] Added codes for discord support on native windows version. (PART 1 of 2 done, next step: releasing windows discord client).

TS3MusicBot version (09.11.2018):

Fixed [System] Fixed skipping youtube link in playlist playback.
Fixed [System] Radio / Live playback issues after too long pause times which produced an async stream playback which broke after some hours.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Improved login cookie handling. Passwords are now saved as an encrypted cookie. Each TS3MusicBot now has its own login cookie, so you won't get logged out anymore while logging in to another TS3MusicBot webinterface.

TS3MusicBot system files version (07.11.2018) [WINDOWS VERSION ONLY]:

Fixed [System] Fixed an mistake with an previous update which produced a windows playback issue.

TS3MusicBot system files version (07.11.2018):

Fixed [System] Fixed not working youtube playback since todays changes.

TS3MusicBot version (06.11.2018):

Fixed [System] Fixed an issue where queued playback entries got skipped (especially links like youtube) before they finished playing.
Fixed [System] Fixed an issue where queue links playback got into a state where it doesn't play the next track anymore.
Fixed [System] While it plays in queue mode the !next command and next button on the webinterface player now instantly switch to the next queued song instead of a delay of ~5 seconds.

TS3MusicBot version (05.11.2018):

Fixed [System] Fixed an issue in folder playback while title voice playback is enabled.
Fixed [System] Fixed an "program cyclus freeze" state which could get produced by stopping the playback while an voice announcement was played.
Fixed [System] Fixed an issue where folder, playlists, playall, playallrandom playbacks where not announced while the new voice title feature was enabled.
Fixed [System] Added a check if a radio stream gets unavailable by "Error reading the stream". In this case we stop the playback and the retries.
Fixed [System] OGG and WAV Format fix for portable linux version.
Enhanced [Teamspeak / Chat] While whisper mode is active the command "!volume ? / !vol ?" now answers in private chat instead of channel chat.
Enhanced [System] Code improvements to improve playback commands processing.
New [Webinterface] Rename of music files, folders, playlists and radio files, folders with single or mass rename functionality.

TS3MusicBot version (03.11.2018):

Fixed [Teamspeak] Fix for X client ghost processes.
Fixed [System] Memory leak fixed for language detection.
Fixed [Chat] Fixed youtube time format output for video durations in chat.
Fixed [System] Fixed an issue where requested informations could get mixed up with other older requests.
Enhanced [System / Chat] Improved pause / unpause (play/resume) logic. Added additional command !play/!resume which is the opposite of !pause.
Enhanced [System] Code improvements to improve playback commands processing.

TS3MusicBot version (03.11.2018):

Fixed [Teamspeak] Hotfixed not correctly working client downgrade mechanism.

TS3MusicBot version (02.11.2018):

Enhanced [Teamspeak] Send !yt output directly to client if whisper mode is enabled. Send to channel chat if whisper mode is disabled.
Enhanced [Windows version] Improvements to speed up reaction time.
Fixed [Windows version] Fixed an issue with left open processes after shutting down the bot which prevented a restart in this case.
Fixed [Windows version] Fixed not correctly working latest features on windows version.
Fixed [System] Fixed no avatar, no history entry, no now playing message for music files added to queue playback.

TS3MusicBot version - g (31.10.2018):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed a discord client restart loop which could get produced by saving settings.
Fixed [Teamspeak] Fixed wrong formatted !history text chat output if the output length is > 1024 and the output gets splitted.
Fixed [System] Prevent double voice ouput. If a voice output is running, play commands at the same time get ignored and will be working again after the voice output completes.
Fixed [System] Not correctly working -number <1-6> start command. It only used 1-3 before.
Fixed [System] Fixed java heap space error on previously added new features.
New [Webinterface] Now displaying java heap space statistics on the update site.

TS3MusicBot version (31.10.2018):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed not working !yt SEARCH TEXT on discord. Also removed link output, because we don't want discords auto inserts of embedded videos.
Fixed [System] Fixed not 100% correctly working client name shortening handling for whisper mode. Now it works correctly.
Fixed [Webinterface] Top right header now shows correctly "Discord" on discord mode.

TS3MusicBot version (30.10.2018):

New [TeamSpeak] Updated client to 3.2.3.
New [TeamSpeak] Added support for older servers which are incompatible to client 3.2.3.
New [TeamSpeak] You can now search youtube directly over the chat. Use !yt SEARCH TEXT / !youtube SEARCH TEXT.
New [Webinterface] Added "delete all logs" button to logs.
New [Webinterface] Added "delete single log" button to logs.
New [Webinterface] Added "copy log" button to logs.
New [Webinterface] Added "remove imported identity" button to identity import.
New [Webinterface] Added "remove update packages" buttons and "reinstall all bot files" button to update site.
New [Webinterface] Hide teamspeak and discord relevant data for each running modes.
New [Webinterface] Show information of login status (administrator or user level).
New [Webinterface] Show current playing youtube and soundcloud playlist. Navigate between songs in playlist.
New [System/Webinterface] Download manager now shows a list of all downloads in queue.
New [System/Webinterface] Download manager now supports youtube and soundcloud playlists!
New [System/Webinterface] Download manager can now abort current active download.
New [System/Webinterface] Download manager can now abort all downloads in queue.
New [Command] Added new command to show/repeat current playing song: !nowplaying or !now or !playing.
New [Webinterface] Added player process icon and console output for player status.
New [Webinterface] Added third status for player process: "freezed" which displays a blue icon with a ! symbol if the player does not respond.
New [Command] Added additional short command "!wsp" for !whisper.
New [System] Added voice output for "Now playing" messages (activated by default, chat messages got deactiveted by default. Changeable in the settings).
New [System/Webinterface] Added new feature "idle play" / "play on inactivity" to TS3MusicBot settings which plays a given setting on inactivity. Works with files, folders, links, playlists, radio stations, live streams. Inactivity starts after about 30 seconds.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Improved ajax calls to speed up and enhance dynamically loaded elements.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Updated teamspeak and discord logos.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Improved accuracy of download manager percentage circle.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Removed !whisper permission from permission list. Everyone should be able to use the !whisper command.
Enhanced [System] Whisper mode now checks the client name length and shortens the displayed command and name if the name gets too long.
Enhanced [System] Update manager now shows full integer percentage numbers (1%, 2% 3% ...) instead of double numbers (1.XX%) to reduce console outputs.
Enhanced [Teamspeak] Now splitting history chat output for !history / !h if the message gets bigger than 1024 characters in teamspeak mode.
Enhanced [System] Logs now gets saved into system/logs/. For the case multiple bots running in one folder, each bot has its own log folder.
Fixed [TeamSpeak] Added songs to the queue wont change the client avatar anymore.
Fixed [System] Fixed a bug in cover search system with images in "data:" format.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed a file list meta flags display bug.
Fixed [System] Not playing soundcloud playlist after a previously running youtube playlist.

TS3MusicBot system files version (06.10.2018):

* [TeamSpeak] Fixed an issue with channel chat messages on the native windows version.

TS3MusicBot client version 3.2.1 (17.08.2018):

* Updated teamspeak client to latest version 3.2.1.

Updated system files to (17.08.2018):

* Updated system files and dependencies to support latest client.
* Updated youtube functions.

TS3MusicBot java (06.10.2018):

* Added support for Java 9, 10, 11+. TS3MusicBot now supports Java 7,8,9,10,11+.

TS3MusicBot system files version (06.10.2018):

* [Youtube] Updated codec for portable installations for new youtube codec.

TS3MusicBot system files version (07.09.2018):

* [Youtube] Fixed youtube playback issues because of recent changes.

TS3MusicBot version (27.08.2018):

* [Teamspeak] Fixed client avatar error message on latest teamspeak server update in combination with ts3musicbot query mode.

TS3MusicBot version (30.06.2018):

* Increased SoundStream Idle timeout from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. So a idle playback stream will not get dropped in a short time of no sound playback anymore.

TS3MusicBot system files version (06.06.2018):

* [MixCloud] Updated download manager to fix mixcloud download stucks.

TS3MusicBot version (02.06.2018):

* Readded previous removed resampling codec which caused some files to playback too fast or too slow.

TS3MusicBot dependency files version (02.06.2018):

* Rebuild dependencies with the latest client 3.1.9. Last update produced an issue on the package for kernel 2.6 systems which is now fixed.

TS3MusicBot version (01.06.2018):

* [NOT PORTABLE - HOSTERS ONLY] Added additional ssl check for livestream support. If something is not up to date, we print only 1 time a notification in the bot chat/webinterface. It may also work with outdated libraries but its not guaranteed.

TS3MusicBot version (28.05.2018):

* [NOT PORTABLE - HOSTERS ONLY] Added ffmpeg version check to check for outdated versions for the not portable / hoster version. We print the warning 1 time if someone tries to play a livestream with a "notportable" TS3MusicBot version and an older ffmpeg version than 1.0. It may work but its not guaranteed. For not portable hosters we recommend to compile the latest ffmpeg version from with the flags "--enable-libmp3lame --disable-ffplay --enable-openssl". Thats all you need to get up to date. Contact us if you need any assistance, we can provide you precompiled .deb packages for ubuntu/debian.
* Livestreams now restart on player instance crash and freeze detections.
* Made several code optimizations.
* Webinterface player does now show "Live" as endtime and counts the current time correctly for livestreams.
* Fixed an issue with disappearing backslashes for bad channel name and bad nickname regex rules.

TS3MusicBot webinterface version (26.05.2018):

* Added Twitch live streams into the media browser. You can now browse and search for twitch live streams directly in the media browser.
* Fixed diskspace percentage bar style issue in the case over 100% got reached. Now the max. value will stay at 100%, so it won't break the style anymore.
* Added current viewer counts to youtube and twitch livestream list in the media browser results.

TS3MusicBot webinterface version (25.05.2018):

* Added Youtube live streams into the media browser. You can now browse and search for youtube live streams directly in the media browser.
* Added Youtube Playlists into the media browser. You can now browse and search for youtube playlists directly in the media browser.

TS3MusicBot version (24.05.2018):

* Because of "Windows VS Linux" compatibilty issues with livestream support (if linux worked, windows failed and if windows worked, linux failed...), we reworked the whole code and added a dynamic behavior for the playback to switch to the needed settings for the specific playback. Now livestream works in windows and linux.

TS3MusicBot version (24.05.2018):

* [FIX part 1 of 2] Changed some caching methods to fix issues on the windows version with livestreams. Windows launcher now needs an update now.
* Added checks to the player freeze detection to not trigger in the time a livestream is really loading/buffering.
* Added a cleanup code for the windows version which caused an issue that the client connected 2 times until he stayed on the server.

TS3MusicBot client version 3.1.9 (24.05.2018):

* [Teamspeak] Updated Teamspeak client to version 3.1.9.

TS3MusicBot version (23.05.2018):

* [Teamspeak] Found and fixed a client issue which produced sometimes a 1 second pause at the beginning of a playback.
* [General] Improved text to speech (robot voice) function a lot. Not it playes perfectly fine without any issues. No pause at the beginning, no cut off at the end anymore.

TS3MusicBot system files version (22.05.2018):

* [Teamspeak] Recompiled plugin for windows to use "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015" and dropped the 2013 version requirement. So the only requirement for the native windows version is now only one "C++ Redistributable package" instead of two.

TS3MusicBot version + (21.05.2018):

* Fixed sometimes not correctly displaying webinterface player time.
* Fixed errors in youtube and twitch livestreams (linux: works, windows: todo).
* Updated portable packages for latest changes.
* Added support for all mplayer and mplayer2 versions (jessie + strech versions had an issue).

TS3MusicBot version (16.05.2018):

* Added support for youtube livestreams!
* Added support for twitch livestreams!

TS3MusicBot version (14.05.2018):

* Added TS3MusicBot SoundStream support for windows version! (tipp: if you run both, TS3MusicBot Windows version and SoundStream on the same machine, you can connect the SoundStream directly for example to
* Updated code protection to fix latest issues with update mechanics. Update does now completely work with a single click.
* Fixed windows crash which appeared on beta caused by older code protection version.
* Fixed Soundcloud playback issues appearing since 1-2 days.
* Fixed not displaying client avatar if a song was already played in the past.
* Dropped java 6 support for upcoming java 7,8,9,10,11 support. Currently working: java 7 and 8.

TS3MusicBot version + (08.05.2018):

* Fixed an issue on the update procedure. Our java code protection produced a crash on TS3MusicBot java code updates which is now fixed. TS3MusicBot can now correctly get updated again with a single click on the TS3MusicBot Webinterface -> Update Button or with the command !update or !restart.
* Added connection cleanup and free port on the server side if a "TS3MusicBot SoundStream" client gets a timeout to fix an endless client-"locked" case.
* Added fadein effect for webinterface left menu to fix visual language loading page loads. Its much cleaner this way.

TS3MusicBot version (06.05.2018):

* We introduce "TS3MusicBot SoundStream"!
Send your computer sound with the "TS3MusicBot SoundStream" tool to a TS3MusicBot server!
With no limitations of content, you can stream any type of media!
TS3MusicBot SoundStream for Windows.
Download TS3MusicBot SoundStream for Windows or download it over the link inside your TS3MusicBot Webinterface!

Join our forum discussion if you have any questions, bugs or feature requests (we also list current known bugs there) or if you just want to share your thoughts: [BETA] TS3MusicBot SoundStream Forum Topic.
* Fixed download manager mixing up save folder locations by using different portal urls in a row.
* [TeamSpeak] Improved imported identity usage. Now the teamspeak client directly connects with the correct identity instead of connecting twice.
* [TeamSpeak] Fixed two client start tries on the native windows version.

TS3MusicBot system files version (03.04.2018):

* [Teamspeak] Improved custom imported identity management for windows and linux version. Now the client directly connects with the right imported identity on the first try.

TS3MusicBot system files version (25.02.2018):

* Fixed a negative sleep value which caused windows player to freeze between playbacks or after stop commands.

TS3MusicBot dependency files version (24.02.2018):

* Rebuild dependencies with the latest client. Last update produced an issue on the package for kernel 2.6 systems which is now fixed.

TS3MusicBot version (22.02.2018):

* Fixed an issue in the user agents list for parsing functions.
* Improved cover search engine.
* Fixed 'client avatar' query permission check error (999kb - could not set avatar) on teamspeak servers with version 3.1+.
* Fixed not working correctly download manager on windows version (fixed issues with escaping commands).
* Fixed Youtube/Soundcloud/Mixcloud (direct link playback) could not get paused.
* Improved player freeze detection. Added checks for radio playback (does not freeze anymore if a radio station is corrupt) and all other types of playback.
* Fixed TTS cut offs on the start and beginning. (if it still 'cuts off', this comes from the voice activation detection of the teamspeak client on quieter and shorter words).
* Added support for direct commands to the client in query mode like in noquery (useful for the whisper function, so the client can get the commands directly from outside the TS3MusicBot channel).
* If a user who has an active whisper session disconnects from the teamspeak server, we remove the user from the whisper list.
* Updated portable package for a missing python module (mixcloud error fixed).

TS3MusicBot version (14.02.2018):

* Fixed an issue with the cover search function.
* Fixed %20 in client name with activated whisper mode in native windows version.
* Fixed displaying radio now playing ' symbol beginning.
* Fixed not parsing correctly metadata on native windows version.

TS3MusicBot version (14.02.2018):

* Improved audio handling for teamspeak clients to fix time based lags.
* Added whisper mode! Can be activated on the TS3MusicBot settings page. After that, users can get whispered playback after the use of the !whisper or !whisperme command.
* Added default text channel id value to settings (currently under settings -> teamspeak server settings) for discord client where it should send and recieve messages.
* Added filter to [webinterface -> logs] file output, to filter all unneeded data and prevent a out of memory error if those log files got too big with spammy outputs.
* Added load balancer for cover search queries.
* Fixed a small memory leak in teamspeak client.
* Improved global exception logger (previous version created not wanted logs).

TS3MusicBot system files version (10.02.2018):

* Updated youtube download functionality.

TS3MusicBot client version 3.1.8 (25.01.2018):

* [TeamSpeak] Updated Teamspeak client to version 3.1.8.

TS3MusicBot webinterface files version (20.01.2018):

* Fixed miss positioned download button for skin usage.
* Added a short description for the administrator and user password to the login site because a lot of customers do not know the difference or using the wrong one.

TS3MusicBot version (20.01.2018):

* Added support for Soundcloud downloads -> saved into "music/Soundcloud downloads" folder.
* Added support for all other generic downloads -> saved into "music/Downloads" folder.
* Added MixCloud support.
* Renamed "Youtube Browser" to "Media Browser".
* Improved media browser and added download buttons.
* Added MixCloud Browser into Media Browser.
* Reworked download mechanism and added an more advanced download manager.
* Added a queue for downloads. You can now queue up multiple download requests at the same time. The download manager downloads one after one.
* Added download manager visuals into the webinstaller.
* Added Icecast Browser to search for radio stations. Now you got shoutcast and icecast to search for your favorite radio stations.
* Fixed some not displayed covers in the webinterface (queue and history).

TS3MusicBot system files version (18.01.2018):

* Fixed Soundcloud playback 401 error.

TS3MusicBot version (17.01.2018):

* Reworked youtube streaming method to fix issues of latest changes of

TS3MusicBot version (16.01.2018):

* Fixed duplicate meta data elements shown (search and fast scrolling).
* Load metadata one after one on the initial database creation. Added waiting landing page to the webinterface for this process.
* Fixed libssl error on youtube playback (seen on ubuntu 16.04 servers).
* Changed license error message for better understanding and added different messages for commercial and private licenses.

TS3MusicBot version (15.01.2018):

* Added new parameter: -connect-over-public-ip which skips ts3ip == bot ip => 127 connect check. so the public ip connection is forced.
* Fixed disable youtube parameter still downloaded over webinterface.
* Fixed missing cover in webinterface for history and queue lists.
* Now displaying file size, bitrate and duration in the webinterface file list.
* Added database cache for metadata.
* Changed folder open/close logic and added play folder button (easier to open and close folders) to the webinterface.
* Changed style of the file list for better usability.
* Added metadata cache on the webinterface for faster loading.
* Prework for youtube live stream support (available in the next version).

TS3MusicBot webinterface version (20.12.2017):

* Added information labels to the file list to show more informations for all your media files directly in the file list.
* Added mouse over effects on the file list for better usability.
* Added an information label for folders too, to display the amount of files inside a folder.

TS3MusicBot version (20.12.2017):

* Fixed youtube playback issues caused by an SSL error coming from the client libs.
* Improved file parser to show more file informations at the webinterface.

TS3MusicBot version (17.12.2017):

* Fixed folder repeat slash "////" repeating bug which broke the repeat playback after some time.
* Fixed numerous exception cases.
* Added new advanced query feature: CHANNEL JOIN NOTIFICATION. With this new feature you can get notified with a poke or chat message if users with specific server groups are joining specific channels on the server.
* Code preperations for upcoming feature releases.

TS3MusicBot webinterface (17.12.2017):

* Added new advanced query feature: CHANNEL JOIN NOTIFICATION. With this new feature you can get notified with a poke or chat message if users with specific server groups are joining specific channels on the server.
* Code preperations for upcoming feature releases.

Older changes:

TS3MusicBot system files version (05.11.2017):

* [Discord] Fixed joining servers issue with voice channel inside categories.
* Updated Youtube and Soundcloud codes for latest platform changes.

TS3MusicBot system files version (12.09.2017):

* [Discord] Fixed playlist/folder/youtube playlist playback issue which did not go to the next song automatically.
* [TS3MusicBot] Fixed an youtube playback/download issue within ipv6 networks.

TS3MusicBot client version 3.1.6 (21.08.2017):

* [TeamSpeak] Updated Teamspeak client to version 3.1.6.

TS3MusicBot Windows Launcher version (21.08.2017):

* Fixed not updated core file which caused the windows version to lag/stutter on some windows systems.

TS3MusicBot system files version (20.06.2017):

* [Discord] Fixed too many open files error which caused the client to crash.

TS3MusicBot version (08.06.2017):

* [Discord] Fixed startup fail on bots on first startup without an edited configuration (initial config).

TS3MusicBot version (08.06.2017):

* [Discord] channel list bug fixed for channel switcher and settings channel list popups.
* [Discord] Start channel id in settings got cut off fixed.
* [Webinterface] Skin folder check -> skin folder does not exist -> standard skin will be used.
* [Webinterface] Folder "system/webinterface" check -> does not exist -> bot restart -> redownload webinterface.
* [TeamSpeak] Noquery mode !bothelp issue fixed.
* [Discord] !bothelp issue fixed.
* [Discord] Better new line message formatting for discord chat output
* [Discord] Clickable URLs in Chat-Filelist from "TeamSpeak Mode" are for now always disabled in discord mode, because there is no way to put a link on a text in chat.
* [Discord] Discord client log creation added.

TS3MusicBot version (03.06.2017):

* [Discord] Fixed "Could not set avatar error messages" from ts3 version appearing in discord mode.
* [Teamspeak] Fixed an issue with teamspeak servers which have wlecome 'Host message' popups set. This caused an issue with the avatar and channel commander feature and also clean disconnect prevented the client to do a clean disconnect.
* [Discord] Channel list did only show last channel instead of the full list.
* [Discord] Added new forms in the account panel -> private licenses tab to save multiple discord tokens/client ids.
* [Discord] Added multibot compatibility for discord mode. The private license can now run up to 3 TS3MusicBots for discord (you can run 3 TS3MusicBots on 1 discord server with 1 private license. Connecting to multiple discord servers requires more licenses or the commercial licenses).
* [Discord] Added linux x86 (32bit) support.

TS3MusicBot version (24.05.2017):

* TS3MusicBot can now join discord servers too!
This currently works with linux x64 (64bit) and linux x86 (32bit) based systems. Windows version is currently in work!

How to connect to a discord server?

Step 1:
Visit this link to create a Discord app.
- Give your TS3MusicBot a cool name (can be changed later).
- Set an app description (you can skip this).
- Select an profile image (you can skip this, TS3MusicBot does set itself an profile image later automatically).
- Click the "Create App" button.

Step 2:
- Copy the shown Client ID.
- Click the "Create a Bot User" button and accept with YES.
- Copy the BOT Token.
- Scroll down and click the "Save Changes" button! Thats important, otherwhise your created bot is a public bot and not your own private one. It should not get listed in the public Discord BOT list.

Step 3:
Now you have to invite your BOT to your Discord server.
Use this invite link and replace "YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE" with your created Client ID:
And invite your created BOT to your Discord server.

Step 4:
For teamspeak servers, we normally save "IP:PORT" as a target address.
To let the TS3MusicBot connect to a Discord server, we will save "BOT_TOKEN:CLIENT_ID" instead of the "IP:PORT".

In our example it would be:
Now you can start your TS3MusicBot normally and it will connect to your discord server!

TS3MusicBot system files (18.05.2017):

* Updated system files for recent changes.

TS3MusicBot system files (17.05.2017):

* Fixed a code issue which caused asynchrounus audio processing on some windows machines which caused lags.
If you still have lags with your windows version, please write to the following forum topic.

TS3MusicBot dependency files version (16.05.2017):

* Updated dependencies for latest playback changes to fix "The given link could not be played." errors.

TS3MusicBot version (15.05.2017):

* Fixed issue with latest update which replaced client spaces with a + symbol.

TS3MusicBot version (15.05.2017):

* Added some functions to update single parts from the windows version instead of updating full packages.
* Fixed identity import for windows version and the new clients.
* Added a clean client disconnect to the windows version to prevent timeouts of the client.
* Because we saw a lot of users use the !update command instead of !restart if an update is available, we also added !update.
* Added some more debug informations for avatar set issues.
* Fixed spaces bug in client names from previous update.

TS3MusicBot system files (13.05.2017):

* Fixed audio cuts/lags on the windows version for windows based systems with different system buffers.

TS3MusicBot version (11.05.2017):

* Reworked identity management again because of a few bugs and incompatible client behavior. The new identity management is now completely working on linux, windows is currently in work, stay tuned.

TS3MusicBot version (04.05.2017):

* Reworked identity usage and fixed issues with identity import.

TS3MusicBot version (19.04.2017):

* Fixed channel commander for new client version.
* Added '-no-packages-check' startup parameter for hosters to hide the package check warnings for outdated systems.
* Filtering chunk lines from the client log files in the webinterface->Logs page.
* Added timestamps to the client log files, to know which one is the newest file.
* Added request talk power if the TS3MusicBot client has no talk power on the server he requests it after the initial connection is done.
* Added new identity upload method (experimental beta).

TS3MusicBot client 3.1.4 (17.04.2017):

* Updated TS3MusicBot client from version 3.1.3 to 3.1.4.

TS3MusicBot system files updated to version (28.04.2017):

* Fixed youtube playback/download issues and updated the code to the latest changes.

TS3MusicBot system files updated to version (05.04.2017):

* Memory leak still occured. The cause was found and fixed.

TS3MusicBot version (04.04.2017):

* Reworked youtube and soundcloud playback because of lag issues. Improved stability while playback, reduce cpu load and traffic.
* Fixed soundcloud now playing messages.
* Improved client plugins for client 3.1.3 to fix a potential memory leak. (write us with the contact form if you still see high memory load for the client).
* Updated identity import from the webinterface.

TS3MusicBot version (03.04.2017):

* Updated teamspeak client to version 3.1.3.
* Improved client file management to reduce disk space.
* Updated TS3MusicBot plugins for windows and linux clients for newest client version 3.1.3.
* Updated windows launcher and windows sound handling.
* Fixed soundcloud playback issues.
* Fixed youtube payment error issues.
* Added new startup parameter "-clibs-dir" to set a different client library directory. Default is /tmp/.
* Fixed windows launcher window size glitches (not fully visible elements) on high dpi monitors.
* Fixed some error outputs where no error existed.
* Hoster not portable setups have now a packages check on the ts3musicbot startup with informations if something is missing or outdated on the host server.
* Updated portable versions with newest libs.
* On updates/downloads TS3MusicBot will now print the selected download mirror.
* Improved client plugin code for windows and linux.
* Doubled the tries of checks for the player instance freeze detection befor the playback gets restarted. This was sometimes caused by higher buffering/loading times on slow youtube or soundcloud data servers. So this error should not get that often anymore.
* TS3MusicBot imports the identity from the older client and ports it to the new client 3.1.3 after the update.

TODO: Identity uploads over the webinterface does not work right now with the newest client 3.1.3.

TS3MusicBot system files (31.01.2017):

* Updated system files to update youtube latest changes and fix playback issues.

TS3MusicBot system files (23.12.2016):

* Updated system files to update soundcloud latest changes and fix playback issues.

TS3MusicBot version (18.11.2016):

* Changes and improvements on speech voices.

TS3MusicBot version (27.10.2016):

* Fixed a memory and process leak.
* Fixed an endless loop of avatar set tries.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (07.10.2016):

* Reduced hard disk access only if changes are found.
* Now checking if webinterface port is external available, if no the clickable links feature will be automatically disabled and a webinterface message will be printed that the port is closed.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (04.10.2016):

* Fixed youtube download error message. Not the mp3 convertation works without problems again.
Please use the default skin for the moment. Most skins are currently outdated.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (01.10.2016):

* Fixed a wrong placed system check which printed an error.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (01.10.2016):

* Fixed missing radio upload folder select field in the webinterface.
* Added Download link button to the right webinterface side.
* If you use !next on a playlist or folder/playall command while repeat is active and its currently playing the last song, the next command will start the list from the beginning again.
* Fixed corrupt line breaks on chat output for !music, !radio and !search xxxx.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (29.09.2016):

* Fixed missing user permission rights for the webinterface after first start.
* Fixed avatar issues, works without problems on all linux systems except "2.6 Kernel with 32bit".
* TS3MusicBot will now connect to greylisted servers.
* Fixed youtube link autostart issues.
* Fixed no dynamic cover while playlist playback.
* Fixed create radio folder bug
* Replaced webinterface popups with modals (eg. shoutcast browser, file upload, playlist content view, folder creation).
* Moved upload and create folder actions to the menu bar of music,radio.
* New upload mechanism.
* Now hiding file extensions in filelist, added filetype icons.
* Autofocus login password field on site load.
* Added chat between teamspeak server channel chat and webinterface.
* Added new command "!search xxxx" which will search for xxxx in the music, radio and playlist folder.
* Simplified all chat commands. You only need to use !music, !radio and !playlist from now on to list the content and use !music xxxx, !radio xxxx, !playlist xxxx to start a file.
* Added clickable chat links for !music, !radio, !playlist output. This can be disabled in TS3MusicBot Settings -> clickable chat start-links.
* Also added clickable chat for search results (music, radio, playlist).
* Added a new chat permission for !search.
* Fixed youtube playlist repeat not working correctly.
* !playallrandom is now !random (the old command still works).
* !random while no playback -> play all in music folder with random order.
* !random while youtube playlist playback -> shuffle the playback.
* !random while queue playback -> shuffle the queue.
* !random while playlist playback -> shuffle the playlist.
* Fixed webinterface settings form correction bugs.
* Fixed issues with not repeating own playlists.
* Own playlists can now be played shuffled directly from the webinterface.
* Fixed & symbol issues in server password.

Older changes

Windows Version Launcher update (28.07.2016):

* Fixed several cleanup issues for some windows machines.
* Improved start and stop handling.
* Fixed failed to fork errors.

Updated client to (28.07.2016):

* Updated client to version

TS3MusicBot client update (05.07.2016)

* Updated client to newest version

TS3MusicBot update version (25.06.2016)

* Added new functions to detect youtube connection issues.
* Improved error handling for connection timeouts and playback crashes.
* Updated binaries and libraries to fix recent youtube changes.

Info: If your TS3MusicBot is hosted by a company (hoster) and your youtube playback does not work well after this update, then tell your hoster to contact us because the host system may need to get some updates too.

TS3MusicBot Windows Launcher update version (18.06.2016)

* Fixed Youtube playback. Works again with latest youtube changes.

TS3MusicBot Windows Launcher update version (14.06.2016)

* Added more stable cleanup functions.
* Improved TS3MusicBot stop and application closing functions.
* Changed some binaries because of some anti-virus programs they got deleted.
* Fixed failed to fork error.

TS3MusicBot update version (07.06.2016)

* Fixed issues with robot voice which appeared on some systems.

Updated system files version (26.04.2016)

* System update for new client.
* Fixed youtube->mp3 issues which got reported from some users.

Updated client to (26.04.2016):

* Updated client to version

TS3MusicBot version (13.03.2016):

* Fixed an issue which produced high traffic on our avatar servers caused by some radio stations.
* Fixed duplicate server group id lists in the webinterface after settings got saved.
* Added some code for compatibility for upcoming features and fixes which get released with the next update.

TS3MusicBot system files (05.03.2016):

* Fixed an issue with the teamspeak client which caused the crashes of the client after several hours.

TS3MusicBot version (04.03.2016):

* Added spam protection to chat and webinterface commands to prevent flooding users who try to crash the TS3MusicBot. Flooding/spamming users will get time banned.
* If the playback crashes for whatever reason the playback will get reloaded silently.
* Fixed a bug where TS3MusicBot got a wrong process id.
* Improved messages for users without rights to use commands.
* Fixed an issue where the windows client got downloaded every restart.