TS3MusicBot is Discord compatible!
TS3MusicBot YouTube playback is fully working!

Latest stable version changes:

TS3MusicBot version - e (06.12.2018):

Fixed Fixed endless loop state which freezed java main process and prevented new commands and stopped playback after some time.

TS3MusicBot version (06.12.2018):

Fixed Fixed playback timer which did not work correctly anymore. Probably caused other issues like playback freezes (needs some more testing).

TS3MusicBot version (30.11.2018):

Fixed Fixed cutoff now playing title speach for title texts with including / (slashes) for youtube and twitch livestreams.
Fixed SoundStream did not work correctly if youtube proxy was set in settings.
Fixed Fixed welcome TTS message issues for latest update changes. It caused query freezes and playbacks did not start in this state.
Fixed Improved loading times of livestreams and all other content a bit.
Fixed Fixed not displaying length of youtube videos in playlist playback since last update.
Fixed Fixed TTS word breaks for texts longer than 1000 characters. We split text in 1000 character strings in the processing, which produced word breaks.
Fixed Now turning off not playing voice output automatically if "send radio infos" got disabled in settings. This leaded to a issue that nothing got played if now playback title voice output was enabled at the same time.
Fixed Fixed an failed to resync radio streams error by restarting the player instance and restart the stream cleanly.

TS3MusicBot version (21.11.2018):

Fixed Fixed breaking title voice outputs for titles containing corrupt unicode characters. Such chars now get filtered.
Fixed Fixed sometimes glitching sound while now playing voice speach was running.
Fixed Fixed wrong formatted chat outputs while now playing title speach was enabled at the same time with enabled text chat outputs.
Fixed Fixed wrong parsed song title from twitch.
Fixed Fixed wrong displayed folder content count for the native windows version.
Fixed Fixed a wrong condition which could lead to a youtube playlist playback where the next song did not get played.
Fixed Added a process cleanup command to the startup and shutdown process for a really rare case on linux where a frozen ts3 client process survived a kill which prevented the client to reconnect.
Enhanced Faster loading times for twitch and youtube livestream playback.
Enhanced Several code optimizations.
Enhanced Optimized pid checks and rechecked them all on linux and windows.

TS3MusicBot version (19.11.2018):

Fixed [IMPORTANT HOTFIX] Due to changes from a previous update a client pid check got looped which increased the cpu usage.

TS3MusicBot version (18.11.2018):

New [System] Added codes to seperate windows and linux updates so we can release updates only for the linux version, only for the windows version or for both versions.
Enhanced [System] Improved pause / resume handling to make sure the pause state is always correct before other actions get processed.
Enhanced [System] General code improvements, stability improvements and code cleanup.
Enhanced [Command] Stop command now stops voice playback too.
Fixed [Discord] Fixed an issue with an old discord client session in timeout state on the server which prevented the playback for a new session.

TS3MusicBot version (17.11.2018):

Fixed [Windows] Fixed chat handling changes for native windows version.
Fixed [System] Console and chat linebreaks on the beginning and the and got trimmed which broke the appearance of text outputs on some places.
Enhanced [Chat] "!addyt 1-5" is now supported. If a previous youtube search in chat was performed, the results now can get added into the queue. We also added synonym commands which do all the same: !addyt/!ytadd/!addyoutube/!youtubeadd/!addurl/!urladd/!addlink/!linkadd URL

TS3MusicBot system files version (17.11.2018):

Enhanced [Discord] Client will now display the current track in discords "now playing" client information field.
New [Discord] Added discord support to native windows version (PART 2 of 2 done).

TS3MusicBot version (17.11.2018):

Fixed [SoundStream] Fixed SoundStream issues because of last update security changes.
New [System] Added codes for discord support on native windows version. (PART 1 of 2 done, next step: releasing windows discord client).

TS3MusicBot version (09.11.2018):

Fixed [System] Fixed skipping youtube link in playlist playback.
Fixed [System] Radio / Live playback issues after too long pause times which produced an async stream playback which broke after some hours.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Improved login cookie handling. Passwords are now saved as an encrypted cookie. Each TS3MusicBot now has its own login cookie, so you won't get logged out anymore while logging in to another TS3MusicBot webinterface.

TS3MusicBot system files version (07.11.2018) [WINDOWS VERSION ONLY]:

Fixed [System] Fixed an mistake with an previous update which produced a windows playback issue.

TS3MusicBot system files version (07.11.2018):

Fixed [System] Fixed not working youtube playback since todays youtube.com changes.

TS3MusicBot version (06.11.2018):

Fixed [System] Fixed an issue where queued playback entries got skipped (especially links like youtube) before they finished playing.
Fixed [System] Fixed an issue where queue links playback got into a state where it doesn't play the next track anymore.
Fixed [System] While it plays in queue mode the !next command and next button on the webinterface player now instantly switch to the next queued song instead of a delay of ~5 seconds.

TS3MusicBot version (05.11.2018):

Fixed [System] Fixed an issue in folder playback while title voice playback is enabled.
Fixed [System] Fixed an "program cyclus freeze" state which could get produced by stopping the playback while an voice announcement was played.
Fixed [System] Fixed an issue where folder, playlists, playall, playallrandom playbacks where not announced while the new voice title feature was enabled.
Fixed [System] Added a check if a radio stream gets unavailable by "Error reading the stream". In this case we stop the playback and the retries.
Fixed [System] OGG and WAV Format fix for portable linux version.
Enhanced [Teamspeak / Chat] While whisper mode is active the command "!volume ? / !vol ?" now answers in private chat instead of channel chat.
Enhanced [System] Code improvements to improve playback commands processing.
New [Webinterface] Rename of music files, folders, playlists and radio files, folders with single or mass rename functionality.

TS3MusicBot version (03.11.2018):

Fixed [Teamspeak] Fix for X client ghost processes.
Fixed [System] Memory leak fixed for language detection.
Fixed [Chat] Fixed youtube time format output for video durations in chat.
Fixed [System] Fixed an issue where requested informations could get mixed up with other older requests.
Enhanced [System / Chat] Improved pause / unpause (play/resume) logic. Added additional command !play/!resume which is the opposite of !pause.
Enhanced [System] Code improvements to improve playback commands processing.

TS3MusicBot version (03.11.2018):

Fixed [Teamspeak] Hotfixed not correctly working client downgrade mechanism.

TS3MusicBot version (02.11.2018):

Enhanced [Teamspeak] Send !yt output directly to client if whisper mode is enabled. Send to channel chat if whisper mode is disabled.
Enhanced [Windows version] Improvements to speed up reaction time.
Fixed [Windows version] Fixed an issue with left open processes after shutting down the bot which prevented a restart in this case.
Fixed [Windows version] Fixed not correctly working latest features on windows version.
Fixed [System] Fixed no avatar, no history entry, no now playing message for music files added to queue playback.

TS3MusicBot version - g (31.10.2018):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed a discord client restart loop which could get produced by saving settings.
Fixed [Teamspeak] Fixed wrong formatted !history text chat output if the output length is > 1024 and the output gets splitted.
Fixed [System] Prevent double voice ouput. If a voice output is running, play commands at the same time get ignored and will be working again after the voice output completes.
Fixed [System] Not correctly working -number <1-6> start command. It only used 1-3 before.
Fixed [System] Fixed java heap space error on previously added new features.
New [Webinterface] Now displaying java heap space statistics on the update site.

TS3MusicBot version (31.10.2018):

Fixed [Discord] Fixed not working !yt SEARCH TEXT on discord. Also removed link output, because we don't want discords auto inserts of embedded videos.
Fixed [System] Fixed not 100% correctly working client name shortening handling for whisper mode. Now it works correctly.
Fixed [Webinterface] Top right header now shows correctly "Discord" on discord mode.

TS3MusicBot version (30.10.2018):

New [TeamSpeak] Updated client to 3.2.3.
New [TeamSpeak] Added support for older servers which are incompatible to client 3.2.3.
New [TeamSpeak] You can now search youtube directly over the chat. Use !yt SEARCH TEXT / !youtube SEARCH TEXT.
New [Webinterface] Added "delete all logs" button to logs.
New [Webinterface] Added "delete single log" button to logs.
New [Webinterface] Added "copy log" button to logs.
New [Webinterface] Added "remove imported identity" button to identity import.
New [Webinterface] Added "remove update packages" buttons and "reinstall all bot files" button to update site.
New [Webinterface] Hide teamspeak and discord relevant data for each running modes.
New [Webinterface] Show information of login status (administrator or user level).
New [Webinterface] Show current playing youtube and soundcloud playlist. Navigate between songs in playlist.
New [System/Webinterface] Download manager now shows a list of all downloads in queue.
New [System/Webinterface] Download manager now supports youtube and soundcloud playlists!
New [System/Webinterface] Download manager can now abort current active download.
New [System/Webinterface] Download manager can now abort all downloads in queue.
New [Command] Added new command to show/repeat current playing song: !nowplaying or !now or !playing.
New [Webinterface] Added player process icon and console output for player status.
New [Webinterface] Added third status for player process: "freezed" which displays a blue icon with a ! symbol if the player does not respond.
New [Command] Added additional short command "!wsp" for !whisper.
New [System] Added voice output for "Now playing" messages (activated by default, chat messages got deactiveted by default. Changeable in the settings).
New [System/Webinterface] Added new feature "idle play" / "play on inactivity" to TS3MusicBot settings which plays a given setting on inactivity. Works with files, folders, links, playlists, radio stations, live streams. Inactivity starts after about 30 seconds.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Improved ajax calls to speed up and enhance dynamically loaded elements.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Updated teamspeak and discord logos.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Improved accuracy of download manager percentage circle.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Removed !whisper permission from permission list. Everyone should be able to use the !whisper command.
Enhanced [System] Whisper mode now checks the client name length and shortens the displayed command and name if the name gets too long.
Enhanced [System] Update manager now shows full integer percentage numbers (1%, 2% 3% ...) instead of double numbers (1.XX%) to reduce console outputs.
Enhanced [Teamspeak] Now splitting history chat output for !history / !h if the message gets bigger than 1024 characters in teamspeak mode.
Enhanced [System] Logs now gets saved into system/logs/. For the case multiple bots running in one folder, each bot has its own log folder.
Fixed [TeamSpeak] Added songs to the queue wont change the client avatar anymore.
Fixed [System] Fixed a bug in cover search system with images in "data:" format.
Fixed [Webinterface] Fixed a file list meta flags display bug.
Fixed [System] Not playing soundcloud playlist after a previously running youtube playlist.

TS3MusicBot system files version (06.10.2018):

* [TeamSpeak] Fixed an issue with channel chat messages on the native windows version.

TS3MusicBot client version 3.2.1 (17.08.2018):

* Updated teamspeak client to latest version 3.2.1.

Updated system files to (17.08.2018):

* Updated system files and dependencies to support latest client.
* Updated youtube functions.

TS3MusicBot java (06.10.2018):

* Added support for Java 9, 10, 11+. TS3MusicBot now supports Java 7,8,9,10,11+.

TS3MusicBot system files version (06.10.2018):

* [Youtube] Updated codec for portable installations for new youtube codec.

TS3MusicBot system files version (07.09.2018):

* [Youtube] Fixed youtube playback issues because of recent youtube.com changes.

TS3MusicBot version (27.08.2018):

* [Teamspeak] Fixed client avatar error message on latest teamspeak server update in combination with ts3musicbot query mode.

TS3MusicBot version (30.06.2018):

* Increased SoundStream Idle timeout from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. So a idle playback stream will not get dropped in a short time of no sound playback anymore.

TS3MusicBot system files version (06.06.2018):

* [MixCloud] Updated download manager to fix mixcloud download stucks.

TS3MusicBot version (02.06.2018):

* Readded previous removed resampling codec which caused some files to playback too fast or too slow.

TS3MusicBot dependency files version (02.06.2018):

* Rebuild dependencies with the latest client 3.1.9. Last update produced an issue on the package for kernel 2.6 systems which is now fixed.

TS3MusicBot version (01.06.2018):

* [NOT PORTABLE - HOSTERS ONLY] Added additional ssl check for livestream support. If something is not up to date, we print only 1 time a notification in the bot chat/webinterface. It may also work with outdated libraries but its not guaranteed.

TS3MusicBot version (28.05.2018):

* [NOT PORTABLE - HOSTERS ONLY] Added ffmpeg version check to check for outdated versions for the not portable / hoster version. We print the warning 1 time if someone tries to play a livestream with a "notportable" TS3MusicBot version and an older ffmpeg version than 1.0. It may work but its not guaranteed. For not portable hosters we recommend to compile the latest ffmpeg version from ffmpeg.org with the flags "--enable-libmp3lame --disable-ffplay --enable-openssl". Thats all you need to get up to date. Contact us if you need any assistance, we can provide you precompiled .deb packages for ubuntu/debian.
* Livestreams now restart on player instance crash and freeze detections.
* Made several code optimizations.
* Webinterface player does now show "Live" as endtime and counts the current time correctly for livestreams.
* Fixed an issue with disappearing backslashes for bad channel name and bad nickname regex rules.

TS3MusicBot webinterface version (26.05.2018):

* Added Twitch live streams into the media browser. You can now browse and search for twitch live streams directly in the media browser.
* Fixed diskspace percentage bar style issue in the case over 100% got reached. Now the max. value will stay at 100%, so it won't break the style anymore.
* Added current viewer counts to youtube and twitch livestream list in the media browser results.

TS3MusicBot webinterface version (25.05.2018):

* Added Youtube live streams into the media browser. You can now browse and search for youtube live streams directly in the media browser.
* Added Youtube Playlists into the media browser. You can now browse and search for youtube playlists directly in the media browser.

TS3MusicBot version (24.05.2018):

* Because of "Windows VS Linux" compatibilty issues with livestream support (if linux worked, windows failed and if windows worked, linux failed...), we reworked the whole code and added a dynamic behavior for the playback to switch to the needed settings for the specific playback. Now livestream works in windows and linux.

TS3MusicBot version (24.05.2018):

* [FIX part 1 of 2] Changed some caching methods to fix issues on the windows version with livestreams. Windows launcher now needs an update now.
* Added checks to the player freeze detection to not trigger in the time a livestream is really loading/buffering.
* Added a cleanup code for the windows version which caused an issue that the client connected 2 times until he stayed on the server.

TS3MusicBot client version 3.1.9 (24.05.2018):

* [Teamspeak] Updated Teamspeak client to version 3.1.9.

TS3MusicBot version (23.05.2018):

* [Teamspeak] Found and fixed a client issue which produced sometimes a 1 second pause at the beginning of a playback.
* [General] Improved text to speech (robot voice) function a lot. Not it playes perfectly fine without any issues. No pause at the beginning, no cut off at the end anymore.

TS3MusicBot system files version (22.05.2018):

* [Teamspeak] Recompiled plugin for windows to use "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015" and dropped the 2013 version requirement. So the only requirement for the native windows version is now only one "C++ Redistributable package" instead of two.

TS3MusicBot version + (21.05.2018):

* Fixed sometimes not correctly displaying webinterface player time.
* Fixed errors in youtube and twitch livestreams (linux: works, windows: todo).
* Updated portable packages for latest changes.
* Added support for all mplayer and mplayer2 versions (jessie + strech versions had an issue).

TS3MusicBot version (16.05.2018):

* Added support for youtube livestreams!
* Added support for twitch livestreams!

TS3MusicBot version (14.05.2018):

* Added TS3MusicBot SoundStream support for windows version! (tipp: if you run both, TS3MusicBot Windows version and SoundStream on the same machine, you can connect the SoundStream directly for example to
* Updated code protection to fix latest issues with update mechanics. Update does now completely work with a single click.
* Fixed windows crash which appeared on beta caused by older code protection version.
* Fixed Soundcloud playback issues appearing since 1-2 days.
* Fixed not displaying client avatar if a song was already played in the past.
* Dropped java 6 support for upcoming java 7,8,9,10,11 support. Currently working: java 7 and 8.

TS3MusicBot version + (08.05.2018):

* Fixed an issue on the update procedure. Our java code protection produced a crash on TS3MusicBot java code updates which is now fixed. TS3MusicBot can now correctly get updated again with a single click on the TS3MusicBot Webinterface -> Update Button or with the command !update or !restart.
* Added connection cleanup and free port on the server side if a "TS3MusicBot SoundStream" client gets a timeout to fix an endless client-"locked" case.
* Added fadein effect for webinterface left menu to fix visual language loading page loads. Its much cleaner this way.

TS3MusicBot version (06.05.2018):

* We introduce "TS3MusicBot SoundStream"!
Send your computer sound with the "TS3MusicBot SoundStream" tool to a TS3MusicBot server!
With no limitations of content, you can stream any type of media!
TS3MusicBot SoundStream for Windows.
Download TS3MusicBot SoundStream for Windows or download it over the link inside your TS3MusicBot Webinterface!

Join our forum discussion if you have any questions, bugs or feature requests (we also list current known bugs there) or if you just want to share your thoughts: [BETA] TS3MusicBot SoundStream Forum Topic.
* Fixed download manager mixing up save folder locations by using different portal urls in a row.
* [TeamSpeak] Improved imported identity usage. Now the teamspeak client directly connects with the correct identity instead of connecting twice.
* [TeamSpeak] Fixed two client start tries on the native windows version.

TS3MusicBot system files version (03.04.2018):

* [Teamspeak] Improved custom imported identity management for windows and linux version. Now the client directly connects with the right imported identity on the first try.

TS3MusicBot system files version (25.02.2018):

* Fixed a negative sleep value which caused windows player to freeze between playbacks or after stop commands.

TS3MusicBot dependency files version (24.02.2018):

* Rebuild dependencies with the latest client. Last update produced an issue on the package for kernel 2.6 systems which is now fixed.

TS3MusicBot version (22.02.2018):

* Fixed an issue in the user agents list for parsing functions.
* Improved cover search engine.
* Fixed 'client avatar' query permission check error (999kb - could not set avatar) on teamspeak servers with version 3.1+.
* Fixed not working correctly download manager on windows version (fixed issues with escaping commands).
* Fixed Youtube/Soundcloud/Mixcloud (direct link playback) could not get paused.
* Improved player freeze detection. Added checks for radio playback (does not freeze anymore if a radio station is corrupt) and all other types of playback.
* Fixed TTS cut offs on the start and beginning. (if it still 'cuts off', this comes from the voice activation detection of the teamspeak client on quieter and shorter words).
* Added support for direct commands to the client in query mode like in noquery (useful for the whisper function, so the client can get the commands directly from outside the TS3MusicBot channel).
* If a user who has an active whisper session disconnects from the teamspeak server, we remove the user from the whisper list.
* Updated portable package for a missing python module (mixcloud error fixed).

TS3MusicBot version (14.02.2018):

* Fixed an issue with the cover search function.
* Fixed %20 in client name with activated whisper mode in native windows version.
* Fixed displaying radio now playing ' symbol beginning.
* Fixed not parsing correctly metadata on native windows version.

TS3MusicBot version (14.02.2018):

* Improved audio handling for teamspeak clients to fix time based lags.
* Added whisper mode! Can be activated on the TS3MusicBot settings page. After that, users can get whispered playback after the use of the !whisper or !whisperme command.
* Added default text channel id value to settings (currently under settings -> teamspeak server settings) for discord client where it should send and recieve messages.
* Added filter to [webinterface -> logs] file output, to filter all unneeded data and prevent a out of memory error if those log files got too big with spammy outputs.
* Added load balancer for cover search queries.
* Fixed a small memory leak in teamspeak client.
* Improved global exception logger (previous version created not wanted logs).

TS3MusicBot system files version (10.02.2018):

* Updated youtube download functionality.

TS3MusicBot client version 3.1.8 (25.01.2018):

* [TeamSpeak] Updated Teamspeak client to version 3.1.8.

TS3MusicBot webinterface files version (20.01.2018):

* Fixed miss positioned download button for skin usage.
* Added a short description for the administrator and user password to the login site because a lot of customers do not know the difference or using the wrong one.

TS3MusicBot version (20.01.2018):

* Added support for Soundcloud downloads -> saved into "music/Soundcloud downloads" folder.
* Added support for all other generic downloads -> saved into "music/Downloads" folder.
* Added MixCloud support.
* Renamed "Youtube Browser" to "Media Browser".
* Improved media browser and added download buttons.
* Added MixCloud Browser into Media Browser.
* Reworked download mechanism and added an more advanced download manager.
* Added a queue for downloads. You can now queue up multiple download requests at the same time. The download manager downloads one after one.
* Added download manager visuals into the webinstaller.
* Added Icecast Browser to search for radio stations. Now you got shoutcast and icecast to search for your favorite radio stations.
* Fixed some not displayed covers in the webinterface (queue and history).

TS3MusicBot system files version (18.01.2018):

* Fixed Soundcloud playback 401 error.

TS3MusicBot version (17.01.2018):

* Reworked youtube streaming method to fix issues of latest changes of youtube.com.

TS3MusicBot version (16.01.2018):

* Fixed duplicate meta data elements shown (search and fast scrolling).
* Load metadata one after one on the initial database creation. Added waiting landing page to the webinterface for this process.
* Fixed libssl error on youtube playback (seen on ubuntu 16.04 servers).
* Changed license error message for better understanding and added different messages for commercial and private licenses.

TS3MusicBot version (15.01.2018):

* Added new parameter: -connect-over-public-ip which skips ts3ip == bot ip => 127 connect check. so the public ip connection is forced.
* Fixed disable youtube parameter still downloaded over webinterface.
* Fixed missing cover in webinterface for history and queue lists.
* Now displaying file size, bitrate and duration in the webinterface file list.
* Added database cache for metadata.
* Changed folder open/close logic and added play folder button (easier to open and close folders) to the webinterface.
* Changed style of the file list for better usability.
* Added metadata cache on the webinterface for faster loading.
* Prework for youtube live stream support (available in the next version).

TS3MusicBot webinterface version (20.12.2017):

* Added information labels to the file list to show more informations for all your media files directly in the file list.
* Added mouse over effects on the file list for better usability.
* Added an information label for folders too, to display the amount of files inside a folder.

TS3MusicBot version (20.12.2017):

* Fixed youtube playback issues caused by an SSL error coming from the client libs.
* Improved file parser to show more file informations at the webinterface.

TS3MusicBot version (17.12.2017):

* Fixed folder repeat slash "////" repeating bug which broke the repeat playback after some time.
* Fixed numerous exception cases.
* Added new advanced query feature: CHANNEL JOIN NOTIFICATION. With this new feature you can get notified with a poke or chat message if users with specific server groups are joining specific channels on the server.
* Code preperations for upcoming feature releases.

TS3MusicBot webinterface (17.12.2017):

* Added new advanced query feature: CHANNEL JOIN NOTIFICATION. With this new feature you can get notified with a poke or chat message if users with specific server groups are joining specific channels on the server.
* Code preperations for upcoming feature releases.

Older changes:

TS3MusicBot system files version (05.11.2017):

* [Discord] Fixed joining servers issue with voice channel inside categories.
* Updated Youtube and Soundcloud codes for latest platform changes.

TS3MusicBot system files version (12.09.2017):

* [Discord] Fixed playlist/folder/youtube playlist playback issue which did not go to the next song automatically.
* [TS3MusicBot] Fixed an youtube playback/download issue within ipv6 networks.

TS3MusicBot client version 3.1.6 (21.08.2017):

* [TeamSpeak] Updated Teamspeak client to version 3.1.6.

TS3MusicBot Windows Launcher version (21.08.2017):

* Fixed not updated core file which caused the windows version to lag/stutter on some windows systems.

TS3MusicBot system files version (20.06.2017):

* [Discord] Fixed too many open files error which caused the client to crash.

TS3MusicBot version (08.06.2017):

* [Discord] Fixed startup fail on bots on first startup without an edited configuration (initial config).

TS3MusicBot version (08.06.2017):

* [Discord] channel list bug fixed for channel switcher and settings channel list popups.
* [Discord] Start channel id in settings got cut off fixed.
* [Webinterface] Skin folder check -> skin folder does not exist -> standard skin will be used.
* [Webinterface] Folder "system/webinterface" check -> does not exist -> bot restart -> redownload webinterface.
* [TeamSpeak] Noquery mode !bothelp issue fixed.
* [Discord] !bothelp issue fixed.
* [Discord] Better new line message formatting for discord chat output
* [Discord] Clickable URLs in Chat-Filelist from "TeamSpeak Mode" are for now always disabled in discord mode, because there is no way to put a link on a text in chat.
* [Discord] Discord client log creation added.

TS3MusicBot version (03.06.2017):

* [Discord] Fixed "Could not set avatar error messages" from ts3 version appearing in discord mode.
* [Teamspeak] Fixed an issue with teamspeak servers which have wlecome 'Host message' popups set. This caused an issue with the avatar and channel commander feature and also clean disconnect prevented the client to do a clean disconnect.
* [Discord] Channel list did only show last channel instead of the full list.
* [Discord] Added new forms in the account panel -> private licenses tab to save multiple discord tokens/client ids.
* [Discord] Added multibot compatibility for discord mode. The private license can now run up to 3 TS3MusicBots for discord (you can run 3 TS3MusicBots on 1 discord server with 1 private license. Connecting to multiple discord servers requires more licenses or the commercial licenses).
* [Discord] Added linux x86 (32bit) support.

TS3MusicBot version (24.05.2017):

* TS3MusicBot can now join discord servers too!
This currently works with linux x64 (64bit) and linux x86 (32bit) based systems. Windows version is currently in work!

How to connect to a discord server?

Step 1:
Visit this link to create a Discord app.
- Give your TS3MusicBot a cool name (can be changed later).
- Set an app description (you can skip this).
- Select an profile image (you can skip this, TS3MusicBot does set itself an profile image later automatically).
- Click the "Create App" button.

Step 2:
- Copy the shown Client ID.
- Click the "Create a Bot User" button and accept with YES.
- Copy the BOT Token.
- Scroll down and click the "Save Changes" button! Thats important, otherwhise your created bot is a public bot and not your own private one. It should not get listed in the public Discord BOT list.

Step 3:
Now you have to invite your BOT to your Discord server.
Use this invite link and replace "YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE" with your created Client ID:
And invite your created BOT to your Discord server.

Step 4:
For teamspeak servers, we normally save "IP:PORT" as a target address.
To let the TS3MusicBot connect to a Discord server, we will save "BOT_TOKEN:CLIENT_ID" instead of the "IP:PORT".

In our example it would be:
Now you can start your TS3MusicBot normally and it will connect to your discord server!

TS3MusicBot system files (18.05.2017):

* Updated system files for recent youtube.com changes.

TS3MusicBot system files (17.05.2017):

* Fixed a code issue which caused asynchrounus audio processing on some windows machines which caused lags.
If you still have lags with your windows version, please write to the following forum topic.

TS3MusicBot dependency files version (16.05.2017):

* Updated dependencies for latest youtube.com playback changes to fix "The given link could not be played." errors.

TS3MusicBot version (15.05.2017):

* Fixed issue with latest update which replaced client spaces with a + symbol.

TS3MusicBot version (15.05.2017):

* Added some functions to update single parts from the windows version instead of updating full packages.
* Fixed identity import for windows version and the new clients.
* Added a clean client disconnect to the windows version to prevent timeouts of the client.
* Because we saw a lot of users use the !update command instead of !restart if an update is available, we also added !update.
* Added some more debug informations for avatar set issues.
* Fixed spaces bug in client names from previous update.

TS3MusicBot system files (13.05.2017):

* Fixed audio cuts/lags on the windows version for windows based systems with different system buffers.

TS3MusicBot version (11.05.2017):

* Reworked identity management again because of a few bugs and incompatible client behavior. The new identity management is now completely working on linux, windows is currently in work, stay tuned.

TS3MusicBot version (04.05.2017):

* Reworked identity usage and fixed issues with identity import.

TS3MusicBot version (19.04.2017):

* Fixed channel commander for new client version.
* Added '-no-packages-check' startup parameter for hosters to hide the package check warnings for outdated systems.
* Filtering chunk lines from the client log files in the webinterface->Logs page.
* Added timestamps to the client log files, to know which one is the newest file.
* Added request talk power if the TS3MusicBot client has no talk power on the server he requests it after the initial connection is done.
* Added new identity upload method (experimental beta).

TS3MusicBot client 3.1.4 (17.04.2017):

* Updated TS3MusicBot client from version 3.1.3 to 3.1.4.

TS3MusicBot system files updated to version (28.04.2017):

* Fixed youtube playback/download issues and updated the code to the latest youtube.com changes.

TS3MusicBot system files updated to version (05.04.2017):

* Memory leak still occured. The cause was found and fixed.

TS3MusicBot version (04.04.2017):

* Reworked youtube and soundcloud playback because of lag issues. Improved stability while playback, reduce cpu load and traffic.
* Fixed soundcloud now playing messages.
* Improved client plugins for client 3.1.3 to fix a potential memory leak. (write us with the contact form if you still see high memory load for the client).
* Updated identity import from the webinterface.

TS3MusicBot version (03.04.2017):

* Updated teamspeak client to version 3.1.3.
* Improved client file management to reduce disk space.
* Updated TS3MusicBot plugins for windows and linux clients for newest client version 3.1.3.
* Updated windows launcher and windows sound handling.
* Fixed soundcloud playback issues.
* Fixed youtube payment error issues.
* Added new startup parameter "-clibs-dir" to set a different client library directory. Default is /tmp/.
* Fixed windows launcher window size glitches (not fully visible elements) on high dpi monitors.
* Fixed some error outputs where no error existed.
* Hoster not portable setups have now a packages check on the ts3musicbot startup with informations if something is missing or outdated on the host server.
* Updated portable versions with newest libs.
* On updates/downloads TS3MusicBot will now print the selected download mirror.
* Improved client plugin code for windows and linux.
* Doubled the tries of checks for the player instance freeze detection befor the playback gets restarted. This was sometimes caused by higher buffering/loading times on slow youtube or soundcloud data servers. So this error should not get that often anymore.
* TS3MusicBot imports the identity from the older client and ports it to the new client 3.1.3 after the update.

TODO: Identity uploads over the webinterface does not work right now with the newest client 3.1.3.

TS3MusicBot system files (31.01.2017):

* Updated system files to update youtube latest changes and fix playback issues.

TS3MusicBot system files (23.12.2016):

* Updated system files to update soundcloud latest changes and fix playback issues.

TS3MusicBot version (18.11.2016):

* Changes and improvements on speech voices.

TS3MusicBot version (27.10.2016):

* Fixed a memory and process leak.
* Fixed an endless loop of avatar set tries.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (07.10.2016):

* Reduced hard disk access only if changes are found.
* Now checking if webinterface port is external available, if no the clickable links feature will be automatically disabled and a webinterface message will be printed that the port is closed.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (04.10.2016):

* Fixed youtube download error message. Not the mp3 convertation works without problems again.
Please use the default skin for the moment. Most skins are currently outdated.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (01.10.2016):

* Fixed a wrong placed system check which printed an error.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (01.10.2016):

* Fixed missing radio upload folder select field in the webinterface.
* Added Download link button to the right webinterface side.
* If you use !next on a playlist or folder/playall command while repeat is active and its currently playing the last song, the next command will start the list from the beginning again.
* Fixed corrupt line breaks on chat output for !music, !radio and !search xxxx.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (29.09.2016):

* Fixed missing user permission rights for the webinterface after first start.
* Fixed avatar issues, works without problems on all linux systems except "2.6 Kernel with 32bit".
* TS3MusicBot will now connect to greylisted servers.
* Fixed youtube link autostart issues.
* Fixed no dynamic cover while playlist playback.
* Fixed create radio folder bug
* Replaced webinterface popups with modals (eg. shoutcast browser, file upload, playlist content view, folder creation).
* Moved upload and create folder actions to the menu bar of music,radio.
* New upload mechanism.
* Now hiding file extensions in filelist, added filetype icons.
* Autofocus login password field on site load.
* Added chat between teamspeak server channel chat and webinterface.
* Added new command "!search xxxx" which will search for xxxx in the music, radio and playlist folder.
* Simplified all chat commands. You only need to use !music, !radio and !playlist from now on to list the content and use !music xxxx, !radio xxxx, !playlist xxxx to start a file.
* Added clickable chat links for !music, !radio, !playlist output. This can be disabled in TS3MusicBot Settings -> clickable chat start-links.
* Also added clickable chat for search results (music, radio, playlist).
* Added a new chat permission for !search.
* Fixed youtube playlist repeat not working correctly.
* !playallrandom is now !random (the old command still works).
* !random while no playback -> play all in music folder with random order.
* !random while youtube playlist playback -> shuffle the playback.
* !random while queue playback -> shuffle the queue.
* !random while playlist playback -> shuffle the playlist.
* Fixed webinterface settings form correction bugs.
* Fixed issues with not repeating own playlists.
* Own playlists can now be played shuffled directly from the webinterface.
* Fixed & symbol issues in server password.

Older changes

Windows Version Launcher update (28.07.2016):

* Fixed several cleanup issues for some windows machines.
* Improved start and stop handling.
* Fixed failed to fork errors.

Updated client to (28.07.2016):

* Updated client to version

TS3MusicBot client update (05.07.2016)

* Updated client to newest version

TS3MusicBot update version (25.06.2016)

* Added new functions to detect youtube connection issues.
* Improved error handling for connection timeouts and playback crashes.
* Updated binaries and libraries to fix recent youtube changes.

Info: If your TS3MusicBot is hosted by a company (hoster) and your youtube playback does not work well after this update, then tell your hoster to contact us because the host system may need to get some updates too.

TS3MusicBot Windows Launcher update version (18.06.2016)

* Fixed Youtube playback. Works again with latest youtube changes.

TS3MusicBot Windows Launcher update version (14.06.2016)

* Added more stable cleanup functions.
* Improved TS3MusicBot stop and application closing functions.
* Changed some binaries because of some anti-virus programs they got deleted.
* Fixed failed to fork error.

TS3MusicBot update version (07.06.2016)

* Fixed issues with robot voice which appeared on some systems.

Updated system files version (26.04.2016)

* System update for new client.
* Fixed youtube->mp3 issues which got reported from some users.

Updated client to (26.04.2016):

* Updated client to version

TS3MusicBot version (13.03.2016):

* Fixed an issue which produced high traffic on our avatar servers caused by some radio stations.
* Fixed duplicate server group id lists in the webinterface after settings got saved.
* Added some code for compatibility for upcoming features and fixes which get released with the next update.

TS3MusicBot system files (05.03.2016):

* Fixed an issue with the teamspeak client which caused the crashes of the client after several hours.

TS3MusicBot version (04.03.2016):

* Added spam protection to chat and webinterface commands to prevent flooding users who try to crash the TS3MusicBot. Flooding/spamming users will get time banned.
* If the playback crashes for whatever reason the playback will get reloaded silently.
* Fixed a bug where TS3MusicBot got a wrong process id.
* Improved messages for users without rights to use commands.
* Fixed an issue where the windows client got downloaded every restart.


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