Latest stable version changes:

TS3MusicBot system files (31.01.2017):

* Updated system files to update youtube latest changes and fix playback issues.

TS3MusicBot system files (23.12.2016):

* Updated system files to update soundcloud latest changes and fix playback issues.

TS3MusicBot version (18.11.2016):

* Changes and improvements on speech voices.

TS3MusicBot version (27.10.2016):

* Fixed a memory and process leak.
* Fixed an endless loop of avatar set tries.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (07.10.2016):

* Reduced hard disk access only if changes are found.
* Now checking if webinterface port is external available, if no the clickable links feature will be automatically disabled and a webinterface message will be printed that the port is closed.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (04.10.2016):

* Fixed youtube download error message. Not the mp3 convertation works without problems again.
Please use the default skin for the moment. Most skins are currently outdated.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (01.10.2016):

* Fixed a wrong placed system check which printed an error.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (01.10.2016):

* Fixed missing radio upload folder select field in the webinterface.
* Added Download link button to the right webinterface side.
* If you use !next on a playlist or folder/playall command while repeat is active and its currently playing the last song, the next command will start the list from the beginning again.
* Fixed corrupt line breaks on chat output for !music, !radio and !search xxxx.

TS3MusicBot version (PART 1/2) (29.09.2016):

* Fixed missing user permission rights for the webinterface after first start.
* Fixed avatar issues, works without problems on all linux systems except "2.6 Kernel with 32bit".
* TS3MusicBot will now connect to greylisted servers.
* Fixed youtube link autostart issues.
* Fixed no dynamic cover while playlist playback.
* Fixed create radio folder bug
* Replaced webinterface popups with modals (eg. shoutcast browser, file upload, playlist content view, folder creation).
* Moved upload and create folder actions to the menu bar of music,radio.
* New upload mechanism.
* Now hiding file extensions in filelist, added filetype icons.
* Autofocus login password field on site load.
* Added chat between teamspeak server channel chat and webinterface.
* Added new command "!search xxxx" which will search for xxxx in the music, radio and playlist folder.
* Simplified all chat commands. You only need to use !music, !radio and !playlist from now on to list the content and use !music xxxx, !radio xxxx, !playlist xxxx to start a file.
* Added clickable chat links for !music, !radio, !playlist output. This can be disabled in TS3MusicBot Settings -> clickable chat start-links.
* Also added clickable chat for search results (music, radio, playlist).
* Added a new chat permission for !search.
* Fixed youtube playlist repeat not working correctly.
* !playallrandom is now !random (the old command still works).
* !random while no playback -> play all in music folder with random order.
* !random while youtube playlist playback -> shuffle the playback.
* !random while queue playback -> shuffle the queue.
* !random while playlist playback -> shuffle the playlist.
* Fixed webinterface settings form correction bugs.
* Fixed issues with not repeating own playlists.
* Own playlists can now be played shuffled directly from the webinterface.
* Fixed & symbol issues in server password.

Older changes

Windows Version Launcher update (28.07.2016):

* Fixed several cleanup issues for some windows machines.
* Improved start and stop handling.
* Fixed failed to fork errors.

Updated client to (28.07.2016):

* Updated client to version

TS3MusicBot client update (05.07.2016)

* Updated client to newest version

TS3MusicBot update version (25.06.2016)

* Added new functions to detect youtube connection issues.
* Improved error handling for connection timeouts and playback crashes.
* Updated binaries and libraries to fix recent youtube changes.

Info: If your TS3MusicBot is hosted by a company (hoster) and your youtube playback does not work well after this update, then tell your hoster to contact us because the host system may need to get some updates too.

TS3MusicBot Windows Launcher update version (18.06.2016)

* Fixed Youtube playback. Works again with latest youtube changes.

TS3MusicBot Windows Launcher update version (14.06.2016)

* Added more stable cleanup functions.
* Improved TS3MusicBot stop and application closing functions.
* Changed some binaries because of some anti-virus programs they got deleted.
* Fixed failed to fork error.

TS3MusicBot update version (07.06.2016)

* Fixed issues with robot voice which appeared on some systems.

Updated system files version (26.04.2016)

* System update for new client.
* Fixed youtube->mp3 issues which got reported from some users.

Updated client to (26.04.2016):

* Updated client to version

TS3MusicBot version (13.03.2016):

* Fixed an issue which produced high traffic on our avatar servers caused by some radio stations.
* Fixed duplicate server group id lists in the webinterface after settings got saved.
* Added some code for compatibility for upcoming features and fixes which get released with the next update.

TS3MusicBot system files (05.03.2016):

* Fixed an issue with the teamspeak client which caused the crashes of the client after several hours.

TS3MusicBot version (04.03.2016):

* Added spam protection to chat and webinterface commands to prevent flooding users who try to crash the TS3MusicBot. Flooding/spamming users will get time banned.
* If the playback crashes for whatever reason the playback will get reloaded silently.
* Fixed a bug where TS3MusicBot got a wrong process id.
* Improved messages for users without rights to use commands.
* Fixed an issue where the windows client got downloaded every restart.


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