TS3MusicBot is Discord compatible!
TS3MusicBot YouTube playback is fully working!

Latest beta version changes:

TS3MusicBot system files version (03.04.2018):

* [Teamspeak] Improved custom imported identity management for windows and linux version. Now the client directly connects with the right imported identity on the first try.

TS3MusicBot system files version (25.02.2018):

* Fixed a negative sleep value which caused windows player to freeze between playbacks or after stop commands.

TS3MusicBot dependency files version (24.02.2018):

* Rebuild dependencies with the latest client. Last update produced an issue on the package for kernel 2.6 systems which is now fixed.

TS3MusicBot version (22.02.2018):

* Fixed an issue in the user agents list for parsing functions.
* Improved cover search engine.
* Fixed 'client avatar' query permission check error (999kb - could not set avatar) on teamspeak servers with version 3.1+.
* Fixed not working correctly download manager on windows version (fixed issues with escaping commands).
* Fixed Youtube/Soundcloud/Mixcloud (direct link playback) could not get paused.
* Improved player freeze detection. Added checks for radio playback (does not freeze anymore if a radio station is corrupt) and all other types of playback.
* Fixed TTS cut offs on the start and beginning. (if it still 'cuts off', this comes from the voice activation detection of the teamspeak client on quieter and shorter words).
* Added support for direct commands to the client in query mode like in noquery (useful for the whisper function, so the client can get the commands directly from outside the TS3MusicBot channel).
* If a user who has an active whisper session disconnects from the teamspeak server, we remove the user from the whisper list.
* Updated portable package for a missing python module (mixcloud error fixed).

TS3MusicBot version (14.02.2018):

* Fixed an issue with the cover search function.
* Fixed %20 in client name with activated whisper mode in native windows version.
* Fixed displaying radio now playing ' symbol beginning.
* Fixed not parsing correctly metadata on native windows version.

TS3MusicBot version (14.02.2018):

* Improved audio handling for teamspeak clients to fix time based lags.
* Added whisper mode! Can be activated on the TS3MusicBot settings page. After that, users can get whispered playback after the use of the !whisper or !whisperme command.
* Added default text channel id value to settings (currently under settings -> teamspeak server settings) for discord client where it should send and recieve messages.
* Added filter to [webinterface -> logs] file output, to filter all unneeded data and prevent a out of memory error if those log files got too big with spammy outputs.
* Added load balancer for cover search queries.
* Fixed a small memory leak in teamspeak client.
* Improved global exception logger (previous version created not wanted logs).


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