TS3MusicBot is Discord compatible!
TS3MusicBot YouTube playback is fully working!

Latest beta version changes:

TS3MusicBot version (14.02.2020):

Fixed [WebStream] Fixed an issue where started webstreams from the TS3MusicBot WebStream Google Chrome extension did not get started correctly since last update.
Fixed [Youtube] Text to speech song title readings could read included links, those links now get stripped before processing.

TS3MusicBot version (31.01.2020):

Fixed [WebBrowser] Fixed a permission issue occured in bot-"portable mode" while running with a non-root user. This issue prevented the browser to start.
New [WebBrowser] Added system packages check (for yum and apt based systems) on webbrowser startup for required packages in bot-"portable mode". Added error message if a package if missing.
New [WebBrowser] Updated to latest webbrowser version 72.

TS3MusicBot version (28.01.2020):

New [WebBrowser] TS3MusicBot now has a build in webbrowser which opens endless playback possiblities from now on! Control the build in webbrowser over the bot webinterface. Song title detection for supported websites is also integrated! Please note, this feature is only available for the linux version of TS3MusicBot.
TS3MusicBot WebBrowser
New [WebBrowser] Added paste text support.
New [WebBrowser] Added special keys support.
New [WebBrowser] Added scrolling support.
New [WebBrowser] Added cpu/memory checks with default limits if 300 megabyte and 80% cpu. If those limits are hit for some seconds, webbrowser gets shutdown.
New [WebBrowser] Added new startup parameter '-disable-webbrowser' which disables the webbrowser feature completely.
New [WebBrowser] Added new startup parameter '-webbrowser-memlimit 300'. By default webbrowser has a memory limit of 300MB set, if this limit is hit for 10 seconds in a row it waits for the next memory optimization if the limit is still hit after that, the webbrowser gets automatically shutdown. You can increase this limit or disable it with a zero (0) value. Eg.: '-webbrowser-memlimit 500' to set the limit to 500MB or '-webbrowser-memlimit 0' to disable the limit check.
New [WebBrowser] Added new startup parameter '-webbrowser-cpulimit 80'. By default webbrowser has a cpu limit of 80% set, if this limit is hit for 20 seconds in a row, the webbrowser gets automatically shutdown. You can increase this limit or disable it with a zero (0) value. Eg.: '-webbrowser-cpulimit 150' to set the limit to 150% or '-webbrowser-cpulimit 0' to disable the limit check.
New [WebBrowser] Added webbrowser automatic shutdown on idle (no playback) for 10 minutes to save ressources.
New [WebBrowser] A running webbrowser gets memory optimized every 60 seconds. If inputs where made it get optimized 10 seconds after the input has finished.
New [WebBrowser] Encrypt key inputs.
New [WebBrowser] Added session support, save last session support (to keep logins) and also clear session support.
New [WebBrowser] Optimizing memory now after each screenshot in webbrowser, keeps the overall memory low. Cpu spikes are still there while screenshotting.
New [WebBrowser] Added a webbrowser start image which shows if the webbrowser is stopped and needs to be clicked before the webbrowser gets started.
New [WebBrowser] Only http and https urls are allowed for the webbrowser.
New [System] Added webbrowser support to portable mode.
New [System] Added webbrowser support for x86 and x64 linux systems.
New [Webinterface] Added webbrowser cover image for the webinterface player and history.
Fixed [System] Fixed an issue while teamspeak query mode was active and text to speech title announcements enabled, radio freeze detection stuck and radio did not restart.
Fixed [System] Filter '-' character from text to speech text before processing, because the character breaks it.
Fixed [Webinterface] Corrected cs flag to show correct one like cz.
Fixed [Webinterface] Added full support for 'x-forwarded-for' header which will be set if the bot webinterface gets accessed through a proxy server. We now log the correct ip address in commands.log and also ban the correct user ip for the spam protection.
Fixed [Webinterface] WMA icon missing in file list.
Fixed [Webinterface] Added missing youtube-cooldown downloder icon.
Fixed [Webinterface] Updated copyright to 2020.
Enhanced [Youtube] Improved youtube unblock mechanics in a case where unblock could fail. It now retries instead of printing an error.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Added nocache to webinterface headers.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Media browser, music and radio menu bars have now dynamic width checks. If the window gets smaller, the top menu entries break to a new line instead of overlapping with the seach bar.
Enhanced [Webinterface] Media browser site refresh now jumps back to previous selected service selection.
Enhanced [System] Now playing messages now gets all added to history. We missed some of them before.
Enhanced [WebStream Chrome Addon] Added webstream incoming connection log entry to commands log.

The webbrowser shows an updated screenshot of the opened website every 2 seconds if changes got detected. We limited the browser as much as we could to reduce the ressources but without breaking the main functionality to play media. We try to reduce the memory usage for the browser session even more in future updates.


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