TS3MusicBot is Discord compatible!

Latest beta version changes:

TS3MusicBot version (08.06.2017):

* [Discord] channel list bug fixed for channel switcher and settings channel list popups.
* [Discord] Start channel id in settings got cut off fixed.
* [Webinterface] Skin folder check -> skin folder does not exist -> standard skin will be used.
* [Webinterface] Folder "system/webinterface" check -> does not exist -> bot restart -> redownload webinterface.
* [TeamSpeak] Noquery mode !bothelp issue fixed.
* [Discord] !bothelp issue fixed.
* [Discord] Better new line message formatting for discord chat output
* [Discord] Clickable URLs in Chat-Filelist from "TeamSpeak Mode" are for now always disabled in discord mode, because there is no way to put a link on a text in chat.
* [Discord] Discord client log creation added.

TS3MusicBot version (03.06.2017):

* [Discord] Fixed "Could not set avatar error messages" from ts3 version appearing in discord mode.
* [Teamspeak] Fixed an issue with teamspeak servers which have wlecome 'Host message' popups set. This caused an issue with the avatar and channel commander feature and also clean disconnect prevented the client to do a clean disconnect.
* [Discord] Channel list did only show last channel instead of the full list.
* [Discord] Added new forms in the account panel -> private licenses tab to save multiple discord tokens/client ids.
* [Discord] Added multibot compatibility for discord mode. The private license can now run up to 3 TS3MusicBots for discord (you can run 3 TS3MusicBots on 1 discord server with 1 private license. Connecting to multiple discord servers requires more licenses or the commercial licenses).
* [Discord] Added linux x86 (32bit) support.

TS3MusicBot version (24.05.2017):

* TS3MusicBot can now join discord servers too!
This currently works with linux x64 (64bit) and linux x86 (32bit) based systems. Windows version is currently in work!

How to connect to a discord server?

Step 1:
Visit this link to create a Discord app.
- Give your TS3MusicBot a cool name (can be changed later).
- Set an app description (you can skip this).
- Select an profile image (you can skip this, TS3MusicBot does set itself an profile image later automatically).
- Click the "Create App" button.

Step 2:
- Copy the shown Client ID.
- Click the "Create a Bot User" button and accept with YES.
- Copy the BOT Token.
- Scroll down and click the "Save Changes" button! Thats important, otherwhise your created bot is a public bot and not your own private one. It should not get listed in the public Discord BOT list.

Step 3:
Now you have to invite your BOT to your Discord server.
Use this invite link and replace "YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE" with your created Client ID:
And invite your created BOT to your Discord server.

Step 4:
For teamspeak servers, we normally save "IP:PORT" as a target address.
To let the TS3MusicBot connect to a Discord server, we will save "BOT_TOKEN:CLIENT_ID" instead of the "IP:PORT".

In our example it would be:
Now you can start your TS3MusicBot normally and it will connect to your discord server!


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