TS3MusicBot is Discord compatible!
TS3MusicBot YouTube playback is fully working!

Latest beta version changes:

TS3MusicBot version (14.02.2018):

* Fixed an issue with the cover search function.
* Fixed %20 in client name with activated whisper mode in native windows version.
* Fixed displaying radio now playing ' symbol beginning.
* Fixed not parsing correctly metadata on native windows version.

TS3MusicBot version (14.02.2018):

* Improved audio handling for teamspeak clients to fix time based lags.
* Added whisper mode! Can be activated on the TS3MusicBot settings page. After that, users can get whispered playback after the use of the !whisper or !whisperme command.
* Added default text channel id value to settings (currently under settings -> teamspeak server settings) for discord client where it should send and recieve messages.
* Added filter to [webinterface -> logs] file output, to filter all unneeded data and prevent a out of memory error if those log files got too big with spammy outputs.
* Added load balancer for cover search queries.
* Fixed a small memory leak in teamspeak client.
* Improved global exception logger (previous version created not wanted logs).


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