TS3MusicBot is Discord compatible!
TS3MusicBot YouTube playback is fully working!

What is TS3MusicBot?

You ever wanted to play music on your teamspeak or discord server? Now you can!
TS3MusicBot is a unique feature for your teamspeak or discord server fully working on linux and windows.

Upload music files, manage folders, play all kind of music files, stream live internet radio stations, direct playback of youtube, soundcloud and more links.
The TS3MusicBot can be controlled with chat commands or with the build in webinterface.

Listen to music in groups while playing your favorite game. Let your friends listen to a youtube video you found.
A new experience to listen music live with others in the same channel.

Webinterface Screenshots

Run TS3MusicBots on your linux system:

TS3MusicBot running in linux

Why TS3MusicBot?

We got a lot of response from this great community. We worked hard to get this project as easy to use as possible for everyone.
Always improved to use a minimum of resources.
With version 4 we created a new complete standalone version for windows and linux to make it as easy as possible to use and stable for all modern systems.
With an unique webinterface to manage all your needs.
We're going to always improve this product and want to say thanks to everyone who support us and our work.
If you have a feature request let us know in our forum:Forum


The smallest TS3MusicBot license starts with 2.50€ (private license, price are subject to VAT) for one month, no automatic extensions or costs! Everything is prepaid, no hidden costs.

With a private license you can run up to [NEW] 6 (previous 3) TS3MusicBots connecting to one teamspeak or discord server. Not for resellering! To sell TS3MusicBots use the commercial licenses.

Register an account and  GET YOUR TS3MusicBot TODAY.

For commercial use please register an account and look on the "commercial license" site in your account panel. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

Run TS3MusicBots on your windows system:

TS3MusicBot Launcher running in Windows

Runs on Windows:

TS3MusicBot windows platforms

With automatic updates for windows and linux:

TS3MusicBot Windows automatic updates

And on most modern linux systems:

TS3MusicBot linux platforms

You want a TS3MusicBot online 24/7 and you have no own server?:

If you want to run a TS3MusicBot for 24/7 and you have no own server or you can't keep your pc run all the time, thats no problem! You can choose one of our partners from our Hoster list. There you can get cheap hosted TS3MusicBots in a complete package as a service.

Your favorite hosting provider does not sell TS3MusicBots jet? Ask your provider if he wants to, all hosting providers are allowed and welcome to work with us and sell TS3MusicBots.


A webbrowser build in! (Linux only)
A build in webbrowser which opens endless playback possibilities!
Control over the webinterface.
Song title detection for supported sites included!
Youtube unblock
Build in Youtube block prevention and advanced unblock mechanics. Youtube links will always work! Youtube started blocking servers on too many requests. TS3MusicBot has no issues with that!
WebStream Free browser extension!
Stream your web browser sound! Compatible with any music/media website like spotify, amazon music, apple music, deezer, google play music, tidal, youtube music and more!
Play youtube and twitch livestreams!
Build in Text To Speech (TTS)
Build in text to speech to read out text and additionally you can enable song title speech announcements.
Stream your local computer sound to your bot with the SoundStream tool for windows! This way you have no limitations of your content, your bot will play what you hear on your pc!
TS3MusicBot can also join your discord server with most of its features!
TS3MusicBot can also whisper to its clients across different teamspeak channels, just enable the whisper mode in settings. To get whispered just write !whisper to the bot.
Play your favorite music files, create playlists, manage folders and files.
Search or upload and play your favorite online radio station.
Easy to use multiple file upload. With drag and drop support.
All basic settings on one place.
Advanced settings for security functions and more in query mode.
No files to play? Browse and play directly from youtube, youtube playlists, youtube livestreams, soundcloud, mixcloud and twitch!
If the TS3MusicBot should play in an other channel, switch him with the channel switcher.
All chat commands available for the TS3MusicBot.
Missed a song? Check the TS3MusicBot history for which song was played before.
Create playback queues with your music library or links like youtube, soundcloud, mixcloud and other.
Read and send channel text messages or private messages the bot recieved directly over the webinterface.
TS3MusicBot has dynamic teamspeak client avatars (ONLY IN LINUX VERSION!) displaying the cover, now playing and history informations!
Download or create skins for the TS3MusicBot. Change the look and feel of your Webinterface. Share your skin with the community.


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