Windows TS3MusicBot Launcher Changelog

Version 1.0.4 (24.10.2023):

Enhanced Upgraded from WSL1 to WSL2.
Fixed Upgrade to WSL2 fixed a bunch of file handle limitations which caused issues like the client was unable to set an avatar.

Version 1.0.3 (17.10.2022):

Fixed Updated start.bat and update script to set WSL version of image to WSL 1 because windows started to set WSL 2 by default via windows update on some systems.

The old "cygwin version" of TS3MusicBot for Windows got replaced with the WSL (Windows Subsystem Linux) version which comes with a real linux kernel and much more stability because its running a real small linux on windows.

Version (20.02.2019):

Enhanced Recompiled player for windows version including patches for delay issues coming from too large windows buffer sizes. This enhancement will speed up TS3MusicBot's Windows version a lot in playback and reaction times (about 14 seconds faster). Its now nearly as responsive as the native linux version. (Known bug: if you hear loud corrupt sounds instead of correct playback, stop and restart your playback 1-2 times. We will release a fix for this issue very shortly).
Enhanced Improved process killing commands for updated environment.

Version (18.02.2019):

Enhanced Updated all binaries and utilities.
Fixed Updated and recompiled player binary to fix youtube playback issues and updated codecs.
New Added a new field to set additional startup parameters to the bot.
Enhanced Added a 10 seconds sleep after each autostart loop to prevent instantly autostarting all bots at the same time.

Version (25.05.2018):

* Reworked c++ redist 2015 available check. The previous one failed on some systems.
* Added some more cleanup code to remove tmp files after a bot stops.
* Added some exception cases to prevent errors.

Version (22.05.2018):

* Added check if "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015" is installed. If not you can directly download it.
* Optimized some codes for the launcher initialization.
* Added support for Twitch and Youtube livestream playback which is currently available in the TS3MusicBot BETA version.